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The original topic for this piece was “Why do you go out?” but then, that came off as vague or better still ambiguous; I mean, socializing is a prerequisite for human existence.

Still, if like me, you’re torn between being an introvert (homebody) and an extrovert (craving social entertainment from time to time), then you might relate with having moments where you’re outside and you’re just like “Why am I here?“.

Last Saturday, I got into a conversation with one of my spiritual mentors who happen to be a priest and asked him if clubbing was bad.

His response was “It’s a yes or no”

After an insightful conversation, I came to the conclusion; INTENT.

We are always quick to judge the actions of people but what really carries the weight and matters are the intent. Feel me?

It is not in the what but why?

Why are you there?

Why are you doing what you’re doing?

Personally, I realized that partying had a lot to do with a rebellious response to my parent’s overprotective nature.

I am what many would call “Omo Get Inside” and it was pretty much annoying and a bit shameful to me back then because I mean “Why would a driver drop and get me from school?” & “Why did my parents create close relationships with every school personnel and authorized people?

You can imagine my frustrations, so hence, me being a rebel.

I really don’t know about any other rebels though but I believe, rebels are generally birthed from the single of act of Breaking Out“.

So, I broke out, unapologetic to a point that my mum feared I would birth a child out of wedlock (that’s story for another day but that will never happen)

Rebellion also shone in the defining moments of my career.

At some point, I was a Publicist for one of the elitist entertainments organization in Lagos.

So, you can imagine the exposure; What have I not seen or done? *Hahahaha*

Well, before this post turns to a mini autobiography of my life, I think I finally have a personal answer to this question.

Ezinne parties because maybe she’s bored, with friends, in need of a little alcohol and in celebration. *If you see me outside, holla at your girl. don’t be shy ?*

So, what is your why?

Love and Light.

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  • Personally, I party to alleviate the stress on my mind. Living in Lagos alone is enough to drive one mad. A little alcohol, good music and laughter in between never goes wrong.

    • I feel you. Happy that this provided more clarity to the ways you manage stress.

  • I party because of my love for music, there’s a different energy I feel when I hear my favorite songs on loud speaker and with a couple of drinks down my system


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