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This isn’t exactly the next post I envisioned for my blog but like the saying from my overused piece of art, “WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVEwhoever said what will be, will be, didn’t mean what you want, will be“, so writing this kinda feels right.

I wish someone or my parents told me with full honesty the reality of life; which is, no one actually really knows what they are doing.
Still, from my experience, I think I might have the hack to right and true living.


It’s no news that I am free spirited and if you didn’t know, well, I am free spirited. Rolls my eyes
Still, the concept of free-spiritism has somewhat being limited to moral rebellion. (well, if you look at my past and some aspects of my life, hmmmm, probably still a rebel. hah!)

So, what does this freedom mean? And how does it make life easy and put you in right standing…


The first quote from my book “Self Apology” is “free your mind of sin” but what really is sin? (I mean outside the religious context)
Sin to me, is anything that doesn’t serve you (as a whole) peace, stability, and causes a visual distortion to how you perceive life.

So, how do you free your mind?
Acceptance, Bravery, Communication, and Discernment.
You need to accept the fact that life is actually complex, I mean, tomorrow isn’t promised and most times, can never be scripted.

On bravery, this has a lot to do with speaking the truth and standing up for the values you believe in and basically who you believe you are; this further extends to the issue of communication, to speak and express properly is actually an act of bravery. Trust me, not everyone has the balls to speak the truth even in the face of potential trouble.

If you don’t face it though, how do you win? Food for thought
The issue of discernment is one which makes me wonder why no one really pays attention or talking about it.

Fam, I’m big on possessing the skills of discernment. While everything above I listed is valid, some things in life should actually be ignored.

So, how do you know what to speak on and what not to? This is where discernment comes in.


Personally, it’s laughable or taking it up a notch, quite distasteful how people discard the spiritual aspect of life.
Like, are you guys joking?
If we can validate the presence of evil forces and the kingdom of darkness, how hard is it then, to acknowledge the kingdom of light?
There are two sides of the coin and as there is a beginning, so shall there be an end.

Spirituality is as real as it gets. This is beyond the faux interpretations of chakras, third eyes etc.
Your spirit however, can only be free if it is filled with light.
So, how do you fill it with light? Just positivity?

You hear “edify your spirit” and we immediately think it has to do with abstaining from “secular” music & movies and religious & moral expectations and laws.
Edifying the spirit transcends beyond just instructing and improvement especially in moral and religious knowledge.
It also involves spiritual growth and development of character by teaching and being an example.
It is by reading the word of God which is the truth and life, meditation and private worship of the one and only supreme being.

It may seem like a lot of work or something uncool or something restrictive but from personal experience, it isn’t as hard as you think.
The yoke is actually lighter on this side and trust me when I say, “whether you pick no side, both sides don’t have it easy in life but the side of light gives you the greater assurance; love and security.”

Have a great day ahead and I hope I inspired something great in you with this piece.

Love and Light.

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    • Thank you for always reading and commenting on my blog Dad! ❤️

  • True words, the place of light comes with a whole lot of benefits and wisdom. Your burdens definitely get lighter, and he who loves you and would always want to help each time you reach out is ever ready to help.
    Thank you


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