The Converted Throat Goat

Disclaimer: Topic is largely inspired by a tweet I saw some days ago.

Source: Twitter

I, myself, wonder how my mind works, as I was inspired to write of the reality of a new convert.

Here are two things I know to be true; Jesus is the way and there is no situation impossible for God to change.

Still, sometimes, I wonder what it would be like, for what the society terms, the immoral bottom barrels, on a true heart conversion.

(Is nasty sex, of the world?)

It’s been two years for me, on this intentional life giving journey with Christ, but I still feel like a baby.

The journey of faith isn’t one of perfection but progression; ensuring to dust off, get up and keep it going whenever we fall short of God’s glory. And this falling? Inevitable.

I was largely triggered some weeks back, while in an argument, I was called a Dirty Christian.

Psychology would say what triggers you, is an evidence of a wound or reminder of a scar being picked at.

Well, writing this might be a cry from my struggle with perfection or to reinforce my self-righteousness. *Only God knows*

Faith, also is, a constant rocking back and forth. (Titilope Sonuga, permit me to remix your lines).

Most days, the goodness of God shines high within my soul but some other days, I am back to “the streets“.

On those days, I wonder what it was, that apostle Paul struggled with.

Or how Abraham, the man of great faith, felt about lying & giving his wife, as his sister to the king.

I could go on and on, about my many ruminations of the great men and women of faith.

Enough about me…

“If your definition of “bad” is breaking the 10 Commandments, then we are all bad, some more than others. I consider myself an overall good person, but the truth is I’ve broken almost every one of the 10 Commandments. Some, I’ve broken multiple times and some, I’m still struggling with repenting from. I’m not a good person because of my faith in Jesus either. It is the restoration of my soul that ultimately breaks my sinful patterns but that is not work made by me. That is God’s power.”

Everyone has a backstory that provides important context for their behaviors.

It takes courage to really analyze your thoughts and behavior and see how they’re creating the life you’re living.

Because we live in a world of lies, and you’re not above lying to yourself.

Humility is not just meekness, it is not grovelling, it is not self-debasement. It merely is, the ability to strongly consider the possibility that you may be wrong.

And that’s because, some of the patterns we learn in childhood, lead us into difficulty.

So, to create new habits, we learn new thought patterns and new behaviors and practice them until they become natural.

Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” -C. S. Lewis

Luke 5:30-32

God changes bad people into good people from the inside out through Jesus.

I am aware that no good deed of today can eliminate the filthy sins of the past, but no one remains the same without changing himself either.

(Why do good people think they are bad and bad people think they are good?)

Love and light!

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