Choosing the Necessary Pains

Source: Saatchi Art (Inner Pain Painting by Kan Srijira)

Don’t be afraid to start again. Remember that this time, you are not starting from the scratch, you’re starting from experience.”

The above is a quote, shared with me by a friend I’d call sister, over my current situation or better still, decision.

For me, “starting from experience” is a necessary pain.

I had held onto this subject matter for a bit too long, and it wasn’t for a lack of words but the lack of form; reluctance to create, give shape.

Some months ago, “resting” was a necessary pain.

You’d think, when did rest become so bad, but if you, like me, get a text, from the one you wouldn’t want to get away, talking about how hard you make it seem for him to respect you, and you should just REST.

Do you not see how the latter is preferable to the former?

The thing is, pain, is pain and not only is it necessary, but it is needed and most importantly, unavoidable.

Asides the pain of inevitable loss which is attributed to death, we all have the divine gift to choose our kind of…Pain.

Pain is the sacrifice you make in seeking wealth or confining yourself to a life of moderation.

On both spectra, nobody has it going smoothly as everything in life comes at a cost.

Pain is the sacrifice you make in staying healthy; the annoyingly struggle to wake up and go for a run, the mental battle to push and keep pushing even when set goals have been achieved.

Pain, also, is the health complications and challenges due to the quality of lifestyle we’ve chosen for ourselves.

The two sides of the coin suffer the same slap when tossed.

Pain is significant in walking away/moving on, from places, people and things that are clearly not good or valuable in any way to you.

Pain is still present in form of “crazy hope” that those things will change or efforts to make change, even when it has been said, time after time, that no one really has the power to change anyone.

I like to think the greatest deliverance, is the deliverance from ourselves.

Pain is the challenges that develop us intellectually and emotionally.

To make a strong point on this, I’ll share a snippet from The Berkeley Science Center GG Magazine,

Grit, also, is a core component of life-long happiness: when kids learn that they can’t cope with life’s difficulties—both because mom or dad always seem so hell-bent on making sure that they never occur, and because mom and dad are always solving kids’ problems—they come to fear challenge. Mistakes become something to be avoided at all costs. This can create perfectionistic tendencies that are a particular form of unhappiness.

Really happy that I am finding the strength to jot things down again.

I mean, if this isn’t a sign of being in a good head space, I don’t know what else this could mean.

For starters, please help me pray against the spirit of “start but won’t finish” in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

That’s because, it’s the genesis of everything that I am having to battle with right now.

Love and Light.

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