The Chemistry about knowing God

I don’t know how loud I can say this… God is not a difficult person.

He doesn’t care about your outward look.
He cares most about the content of your heart.

Just as you would want to know a woman or a man you are interested in; same applies to knowing our creator.
There must be an interest, and then a genuine approach and then, openness and Vulnerability.

God is not human, that you can lie or hide things from. He knows everything and more. He understands you; gush! He gets you and all the complexity of humanity (The battle between flesh & spirit)

He knows everything and more. He understands you; gush! He gets you and all the complexity of humanity (The battle between flesh & spirit)

I don’t plan to back this up with scriptures, because over time, seemingly, these rules seem altered, as there is no concrete spiritual leader or government to give unbiased directions.

So what seems like the most viable alternative; get intimate.

You can’t know someone from afar and you can’t feel if you don’t believe.

The very first purpose of anyone in life and this material word, is to get familiar/intimate with his/her creator.

Second, is to know your passion and make sure that it in all its ways, serve the lives of others.

If we are to be honest with ourselves, what really plagues us and robs us of our joy and happiness?

The characteristics of the material world; to feed, to buy, to become, to be recognized, to be physically well etc

Worst part is the hierarchy of experiences (some have it worse than we do), and most hilarious part is the change in that hierarchy (ascending and descending the ladder of achievements and recognition)

A basic illustration would be these modern times; of innovation and technology (so many updates and innovations)… Almost keeping our needs in constant drive, like a Hamster.

The first step to win in this life, is to know God.

This is coming from the real Bad Bitch For God, because the truth is, I’m bad bad.
So, I won’t tell you I’m all that and what not, but I am me; wholly accepted by him; the I AM THAT I AM.
and although my grace and mercy might seem over enough for me, I honestly implore you, to go to him as you are…and be open.

Now in full consideration to other religious beliefs and most especially to my friends and readers who don’t identify as Christians; the same applies to you too.

Before you pick your individual scriptural, with an open heart and a will to feel, and get into an intimate relationship with our creator…Pray.

Seek understanding, knowledge and wisdom.

Solomon knew the right things to say.
All God’s favorite knew the right things to say and do, because the truth of the matter is, “God is not a man”

Honesty, Truth and Vulnerability goes a long well.

Like in Therapy, the first step of healing is in openness and acceptance.

I’m still getting used to sharing my words about God, but if these few words implore you, to start your personal race (Salvation), then by all means, do good too, by inspiring others with your own experiences.

Love & Light!

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