Feelings Over Actions

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In the famous words of Maya Angelou,

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Firstly, in no relation to this post, I’d like to share that I am having visions! It may be something to be scared of but, I’m pretty excited about it. Duh!

Now to the order of the day, Feelings!

This subject matter isn’t in any way tied to any definition of friendship or relationships, but simply in general perspective.

Overtime, with great observance actually, I have watched people turn on loved ones. People walk out “surprisingly” from situations and scenes that play out, leaving spectators in awe.

Well…once again…feelings.

Some months ago, or if I’m to be specific, “weeks ago“, I indirectly or rather “unplanned“, had a raw conversation with someone I would so rightly call “sister“.

And with great observance “also” to my body chemistry, I was always in a mental battle, trying to fight off the negative feelings, she somewhat made me feel, and direct my focus to the physical (material) things that she had done and was doing for me.

Feelings again.

Recently, or if I’m to be specific, “now“, in great observance, I realized that though a friend of mine hadn’t exactly given or gifted me, what I could or would call ” material value”, he made me feel great; kind words, support my creativity in the best way he can.

Feelings again.

Having a light bulb moment, I would like to bring to attention, the popular adage “Actions speak louder than words”.
Now, in trying to deconstruct it, one would begin to see how loud, our actions are over our words.

So without taking you on a train ride to intense deep thinking, here is what I have to say:

One thing we must take note of, to people, under any or every circumstance is how we make them feel.

It’s gonna be a bit of a challenge, if one is not self-aware; because how would you even know the energy you own and it’s effect on other people.

Another thing is words. A wise man once said nothing but it is highly advised, that one must think before they talk.
Words cut deeper than an actual knife. Please take note.

And lastly, our actions; which in the real sense is our reactions, our gestures, our behaviors etc
This world is often termed as vain, which so rightly is, and on that note…everything of it: material values and what not, are all fickle; temporary.
So having said that, you can then understand how it’s easy it is, to forget words and actions, but never the feelings.

We are human first but from the beginning, we are spiritual beings.

I hope we all have the strength and consciousness to make people feel rightly in all our endeavors.

Love and Light!!!

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