The Good Use Of Social Media

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Asides from the ever rising cases of tension headache, due to excessive screen time. I feel the need to highlight the use of social media is paramount.

Firstly, before I kick-start the subject, I must acknowledge and agree that, social media definitely contributes to the depression, anxiety and immerse esteem issues.
This is as a result of comparison of one’s reality to an obvious curated virtual life.

I think we are all fully aware of this fact, but we choose to ignore our guts. (We all always ignore it, because it takes a person who is aware to “know”)

Social media is a social tool, for socializing? Right??
And to reality; that is, how we communicate and how we relate with people in the society, it is almost the same rules. Right?

Now I would call my next opinions, my cup of tea; one which I am gladly sharing with the public.

For me, there are two requirements to win in and out of the virtual sphere; Being Intentional and Defining your circle.

Being Intentional
I think life in the virtual world is so easy; you get to meet as many people as you want, travel and see all parts of the world etc just from the comfort of your home and bed.

No awkwardness, no flight tickets burnt…only data spent.
So having said that, the next questions would be “Who would you like to meet?”
“Where would you like to go?”
“What type of content would you like to see?”

Upon answering all this, your intentions become clearer and you begin to seek out, accounts that embody all that you seek.

Defining Your Circle
The adage “show me your friends and I’d tell you who you are” never lied.
Being intentional highly influences how you define your circle.
What type of friends or circle would you want to be in?
Are you up to par with that circle? *remember you need to have value, if you plan to receive. You can’t receive and not give*

So upon answering these questions, you realize that all you basically need to do is,

1. Follow only accounts that create the type of content you need.
2. Follow only accounts that fit into your perceived persona of a friend or tribe.
3. And you’d see that, as you do these, you gradually become not “intimidated” but “inspired” by the virtual space and circle you’ve created for yourself.

I hope this literary piece helps you in one way or more.

Love and Light!

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