Beauty is Pain by Dori Hartley

So, I started out this article some days ago and missed the supposed day when I was meant to post.

This particular topic hit me at the spa on the 24th August 2021 when I was going through the usual excruciating pain of body waxing.

I thought to myself “pain and it’s many associates are always put in the bad light but if you ask me, not many people stop in their groans to find the “lesson.”

Lessons in general are beneficial; to educate you, to guide you and enlighten you.

So, after almost 2 hours of intense procedural body glow, I said to myself as I looked into the mirror “freshness that nobody would understand what it cost me”

Pain also is discipline.

Three days later, after exhausting every possible excuse of why I couldn’t exercise, I decided to start a daily 2-4 hours work out and day 1 left me with a lesson “the result is the beauty of the pain that I am suffering

It also extended to my work life, not everyday is a blossoming garden in my mind but the pain is in the deliberate watering process; reading and making an effort.

For a few weeks now, I noticed I was slightly emotionally distressed and after so much soul-searching, I realized I was struggling spiritually.
I pray but I wasn’t spending time with God; reading and knowing him through his’ word.


I’ll end this by saying I’m happy I am writing this.

However, as unusual as it were for me to show up on a Tuesday, I had to write one last one for this month.

I’m happy I showed up for myself and those who might find The Drunken Writer interesting.

See you tomorrow!

Love and Light.

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