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Finally resting on my bed and in my feelings; good ones though but enough to make me cry.

Maybe because I’m jet-lagged, maybe slightly drunk but the truth is, I am just thankful.

First of all, catching 6 flights in less 48 hours amidst turbulence and landing safely.

Secondly, having a conversation with my long time bestie and having a light bulb moment of how faithful God has been to me.

I don’t want to say lastly, but based on the social construct of class and status, God has led me into rooms that “shouldn’t” or “wouldn’t” have opened for me.

I must admit however, that I misused some of those opportunities but still, by his grace and for my sake, far more than I could ever ask, think or dream, I see it all.

The work life despite my inconsistency and procrastination, I still have it all with the faith of more.

Lastly, my mental health, it’s almost a year and the weight is permanently gone with thoughts’ clearer, boundaries firmer and life… life worth living.

I just want to thank God almighty and everyone who makes up my support system for being there for me, even when it wasn’t tasteful or comfortable.
My incredible nuclear unit of a family, like shout-out to my mum, dad, sis and brother.
To those who stood by me when I couldn’t stand by myself.
To those who believed and still believe in me even though I don’t feel enough sometimes.
To the friends who turned family and truly loved me sacrificially like true families would.

Again, to God, who made all this and makes all things possible.

If you ask me, my best life decision was seeking God, learning his word, getting to know him, just coming as I am and experiencing this peace which money, nobody or thing can ever provide.

If you can’t relate, get with the system.

Gratitude is a must.

Love and light!

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  • I am sincerely very happy with this briefing. Surely, God is in control. Keep pushing and remain blessed.

  • He is a God of 2nd chance and restorer of lost opportunities. Thanks for sharing.


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