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Well, I’ll use the excuse of being two hours behind to share this late post.

I’ll keep it shut cause by body is aching from a 15 minutes bumpy ride up a mountain followed by 5 minutes painful hike and an exhilarating one minute zip lining across the ocean.

Yo! My constant prayer to God these days is to deliver me from laziness and a break through to be self-sufficient.

The latter can be tricky because I mean, no matter what I desire or wish for, I have to be dependent on God (or rather, we all have to)

On the issue of laziness, one word answers it all “Discipline”; Spiritually, Emotionally, Financially, Mentally and Physically.
Further expatiates to “Balance“.

I can boldly say that I have hacked been spiritually disciplined; praying three times a day, daily devotional and reading the word of God. Not to say that I am in some sort of moral good standing but the habitual daily pattern has triggered the consciousness of Christ.

Emotionally, lol. Not exactly sure where I am on this point.
At least, I try to learn when to respond and when to react.
Although most people attribute the topic of “emotions” to romantic feelings, well on that, I’m just stress avoidant.

After reading that part of the scripture about marriage not being for everyone, I have been … what’s the word? “Nirvana
Or just surfing the waves of “I want“, “I’m Indifferent” & “I’ll pass

Financially, hmmm… So, I started saving this year and while it is hasn’t matured to great numbers like I expect, it’s been a 10 – 10 – 10 journey so far; 10% to God, 10% to Savings and 10% for miscellaneous.
Finances also interprets income and when it comes to working, procrastination may be the death of me.
I mean, my steady source of income is from writing asides my mind boggling business, & meeting up to deadlines isn’t exactly my forte…
The truth in itself is, I have four articles pending to send and writing this (5th) is simply “showing up for myself” at least.

Mentally, it’s been a journey.
An impressive one at that, if you ask me.
There isn’t so much to say on this other than honoring the things that just keep my mind at peace.

Oh! and physically, which is largely what inspired me writing this.
When it comes to my health, I’m always at extremes but you know the secret to health and wellness is finding balance.
So, “internally“, I feel fine but externally, it’s a struggle with hirsutism (mostly facial hairs), possible obesity and bromhidrosis.
Probably experiencing real symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome but what do I know, right?
Who knows?
With obligations and a duty of compulsory 20k full body treatment (waxing inclusive and cost varying on location), exercising, to needing to shower twice a day or as many times possible, especially on days when I as little as step out to get something or sweat a little.
In addition, not advisable for me to repeat a dress I have worn before.

Sighs… the matter plenty.

Intercede for me too, if you can.

Love and Light

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  • God will take control over all your requirements in life. Keep trusting HIM.


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