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If there was a score board for God and the Devil, my soul is a double score for you Lord”

These were promises or words that I uttered three years ago at rock bottom.

Thinking back to that period, it is obvious that I didn’t know the weight or implications of what I said.

February 2021 was also a period that made me understand that words are truly powerful as I went on a 3 three days fast simply asking God to give me life directions; clarity.

So, yeah, one of my many promises/vows publicly shared.
Maybe writing this would somehow make you readers part of the witnesses who would hold me accountable.

Another passing thought

To whom much is given, much is expected

At the core of my faith and pursuit of God is my conceited want for favoritism.
No jokes, I want my life story to go down in history as an illustration of God nature, just like the Bible stories.

The reality however is my quoted passing thought.

Can I be humble? Can I truly love? Do I have self-control? Delay Gratification??

These are the questions and while I keep reading and learning about the word of God, I am faced with the truth of, there’s no easy way out.

I’ve got to follow the principles and stick to the rules & this is true of anyone and to anyone trying to seek the face and attention of God beyond just being “morally good or right”

No in-between. No freakiness in faith. No sensuality in spirituality. No Hoeing in Holiness.

Permit me to digress, being a Double Score can also be equated to the “perfect” dress size 10 and to be and maintain that requires Discipline and dedication to certain principles and rules. Hmmm…

Ermmm… the above are just notes to myself.

Make of this post whatever you wish.

Love and Light!

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  • Good morning. I am sincerely believing that you have a purpose for living.


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