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Let me start by confessing to the fact that an Asian Thriller on Netflix “Super Me” largely inspired this.

As the main character in the said movie quoted “people who are successful in life are either traitors or thieves” and although he was trying to be intentionally philosophical, I could see the truth in his words.

This caused me to go down memory lane; about a certain ex and about a certain bookSteal like an artist

As expected, I’ll link my ex’s story to being successful as a traitor.
In the movie, the protagonist explains that traitors are quick to betray the things that most people wouldn’t; such as friendship, love and even family & in exchange for their betrayal, they get empty rewards which they call success.

In the context of the rewards being empty, I wouldn’t say much not to come off as spiteful but a constant question on my mind is, how do the wicked sleep at night? I.e if they do.

This particular “ex” is what you’ll call a manipulator/narcissist; talk about true believers of Robert Greene’s Laws of Powers.
I started and I’m still learning how his rise to success is some sort of chess game where everyone around him is a pawn.

Regrettably, a formative childhood friendship was lost and while I am emotionally and mentally fightingt through the healing process, let’s say, there’s truly a space on the winning team for those who don’t give a fuck about anyone asides their selfish’ desires.

Now, for the thieves, LIKE ME.
If you’re a creative or just about interested in knowing more about being successful as a thief, you’ll appreciate the book “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon.

I’m sorry if you were thinking stealing or thieving would be as it literally means.
If you thought so, you belong to the Traitors (sorry not sorry, it’s just what it is).

Well, true thieves believe they are geniuses because these are people who “call forth” or in better lingual “invent“, “innovate“, or create something that either changes or impacts the world.

The protagonist questioned in this movie
Do we really invent anything?” which bring to thought, an introspective discussion by China McCain where she tried to scientifically explain the existence of God.

We say creators and innovators but we really just discoverers.
I mean, everything is basically a discovery with our minds as windows into different reality that exists around and within us.

The lines below are it for me from the movie

You don’t usually see or feel it but once you get the opportunity, and you see that world and take something back home, then you’ve “invented” something.”

And as a creative, lover of art and questioner of life, that made every bit of sense for me.

The movie ended in quite an intense and complex manner with one key lesson, “no matter what, nobody gets out of life alive

Oh well, it is not in my nature to be a movie spoiler, so if you dig thrillers and have the patience to read and sit through subtitles and Korean Movies. I promise you’ll have a blast.

I hope you had a great day.

Love and Light.

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