Team Conform Vs Team Innovate (The Creative Space and The World At Large)


A new James Bond movie but with the main lead as a woman

In my head, I begin to ponder, if the script would be plotted to promote gay rights… I mean, maybe her passion would still be women or the lead character’s fondness would be men… Which would lead to further feminist denigrations like “our world just doesn’t revolve around men“… I mean, can the world ever be pleased? I guess not.

The fight against conformity, if you ask me, feels like one which might have gotten too radical. In the sense that, in a bid to innovate, that thin line of rebelling is crossed.

Majorly a thing of concern,in the creative/artistic circle, even the world at large is lost at knowing when to stop, what to change and what not.

One of my highest cavil, however, is the change of Gala Wrapper and it’s quality.

Source: Twitter

The word “conform” means to behave according to socially acceptable conventions/standards or, to follow rules, standards, or laws. And so the tales begin, of human rights; women and children rights, disabled people rights etc, religious beliefs, social perception, relationship expectations/standards, workplace safety, creativity patterns, cooking, plating & presentation, family planning and modules of upbringing/training etc

And as with the natural scepticism or incomprehension that has been bestowed upon us, some of these standards, rules or law have had to be altered to attend to the needs that were ignored.

The word “Innovate” however, means to make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.

And so we’ve seen a lot of rebranding, new looks, new ideas and applications to our way of life, social interaction, family planning, meal preparation yes! Recipes etc.

Nevertheless, I feel there’s a madness in the mix of that “well intended” change.
Same applies to my thoughts on how some “aged or old” standards should be preserved.

The most popular is the rise of feminism, as I believe that there is a lot of misinterpretation beneath. This is a fight for equality, not manipulation and most importantly, not one that should go against the institution called marriage.

Secondly, is this insane want or rather misdirected need to make a change in absolutely everything. Like I always say to myself, The whole idea of innovation should be reminders; of home, of the beginning.

I do not feel satisfied seeing roles, most especially movie roles been switched just to accommodate or appease the people of color.
Wait! Yes!! When it comes to the movie industry, isn’t the creative reuse a bit too much? Are classics always going to be classics? Are the geniuses only in the past? Where is that spirit of newness?

Under multifaceted suppositions, I saw a movie which was centered around an Asian chef, and her boyfriend had an issue with her disrupting the culture of serving Asian food in very funny looking plates, instead of the large bowls that it is naturally plated in.
Which brings me to issue of seeing Jollof emulsions etc…no shade to our great chefs of Nigeria. But what am I saying? You can innovate with the ingredients (food items) but not the recipes… Noooooo. Nooooo. Nooooo.

Plantain pancakes are bomb though.

But yeah, at this point I’m hoping you’re getting my point. It’s getting weary being lost in the web of innovation, just to prove a point not to conform.
I feel we might all just be on a freeway to insanity just doing that.

Change is unquestionably immutable, for growth is unavoidable but memories shouldn’t die & we are killing them in the name of innovation.

My last words: Conform to what is right, innovate that which is almost wrong.

Any thoughts you’d like to share?

Hit me or comment.

Love & light.

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