Struggling or force is the worst way, to come out of a sinking situation. In relatable terms, it’s stupid to actually struggle to get out of sinking sand. Anybody, anyone is capable of getting into a situation where it seems like, there is no possible solution out, or way to tackle the issue.

My idea for this subject topic is based on energies we get, from association and situations where we force ourselves to provide a solution to a problem, when all we need to do is wait.

There is no human being, who doesn’t have an issue or problem to deal with, of which we get lost sometimes, and seek for answer but rather than finding them, we find ourselves going deeper and deeper into our existing issues.

Most times, this arises from self-development, whereby we become emotionally drawn to the situations happening around us, triggering anxiety and in some cases, depression.

So if you find yourself in a situation, whereby you start to feel emotionally overwhelmed and physically drawn- negatively, you should stop, pay attention to your breathing, pray if you can and relax. The moment you try to fight it, or forcefully breakthrough to your expectations, you’d find yourself uncomfortably drawn in.

Another issue is being open to people- in terms of helping people and giving a listening ear. This is the fastest way to get drawn in. I have been in situations, where in helping someone, after a certain period, I start to see some characteristics of that person, manifesting in me.

Our energy levels are so important, in the sense, that you guide it righteously. There is no way to avoid toxicity or negative energy, but there is a way in which you can come in contact with those, and still maintain your energy level. The first step is accepting people for who they are.

Some characteristics exhibited by fellow individuals, have the power of triggering a negative energy from us. Remember my last post on wavelength and the philosophy of the YinYang. You can take for example, the way you feel around different people. Mr. A won’t make you feel like Mr. B, so as Mr. C won’t make you feel the same.

Next step is, learning to love and care from a distance. Coincidentally while writing this, I came across a post giving points on why; one should be stingy with his/her energy. Now, it is very important to watch the proximity in distance, to the people you care for and love.

Many times, the people who we care for or love, sap our energy leaving us drained and in turn, not even better than they were before. I am a clear testifier to this theory. I used to have a childhood friend who suffered a lot of mood swings. As I grew older, I discovered that her mannerism arose from the unstable structure of the home she grew in. Unfortunately for me, I was suck into that space, being the friend who was showing the right path, acting the right way, in hope that she will learn and become a better person.

It is a long story, but fast forward to a couple of years, the mood swings started manifesting in me. For absolutely no reason, I’d wake up sad, throw tantrums, sulking, unstable emotions so overwhelming, engulfed me. Well, thank God for insight as that phase is gone, and my energies are on a good level.

This goes out to say, that life’s sinking sands are everywhere. Just like the difficulty you face, trying to differentiate between normal mud and sinking sand. Be careful of your association and be careful of yourself- the things you do when you find yourself in difficulty.

Do you feel I hit a spot?

Love and Light.

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