faith et doubt

It is popularly said that, “Fear attracts the devil and Faith attracts God.”

Doubt is a type of fear, not like I’m trying to classify what fear is, but this is true.

Talking about faith and doubt, is like talking about the two sides of a coin.

You either have faith or you have doubt.

By saying that doubt is a type of fear, in my own school of thought, doubt is simply the fear of achieving or manifesting. Doubt is so real that it can be overwhelming and in some cases, it might seem uncontrollable.

Faith on the other hand, is the strong will or belief, in the possible and the impossible. For me, still in my school of thought, faith can be a seed of stubbornness; in the sense that, strongly believing in the manifestation of a thing or event, despite the obvious possibility or theories.

I’m certain that by the word, Faith, a lot of people will attribute it to, religion or spirituality. Well, I’d tell you for free, that even the non-religious people practice faith, the only thing is, it might be called something else- a very common example-  the Law of Attraction (I’d talk about this another day).

Now for the religious and spiritual aspect, you must know that faith isn’t simply praying and saying that you believe in God. It’s mainly believing & trusting in God that he will do all that you ask for, even though it may seem humanely impossible.

I see a lot of people complain about praying and nothing resulting out of that prayer. If you are one of them, have you ever asked yourself, if you have faith in what you are really asking for or pursuing?

Doubt can be a huge hindrance and also a gateway to problems. Doubts breeds anxiety, worry, sleeplessness etc.

Faith breeds peace of mind, sanity and calm, not just because of God or strong will but mainly because of Certainty.

Certainty doesn’t however, top God as it is an attribute of him- He is certain in his ways.

Scraping the surface of a delicate issue- mental health, this two factors play a huge role in it.

What causes one to worry?

What causes one to view life as worthless and irrelevant?

What causes one to look at his or her reflection, and see no worth?

What causes one to take his or her own life?

Before going further, mental health is broad, as it isn’t limited to just the ones that arise from, psychological or emotional issues, but the rampaging ones- Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, Panic Attacks etc. all arises from one thing, Doubt.

Doubt in yourself.

Doubt in your progress.

Doubt about the future.

Doubt is a type of fear, so the list continues:

Fear of failure.

Fear of healing.

Fear of moving on.

Fear of being open.

Fear of criticism.

The fear of just “being”, “becoming”, “to be”.

To have faith, is to solidify one’s belief and will. It’s to have clarity, it’s to be strong, to fully become.

Having faith isn’t just by words of mouth, it’s a gradual process, and it starts with you.

Reading this post may not make you have faith, but it can push you one step further to believing in yourself and being strong.

Having faith is by, taking your time to breathe.

Not just inhaling and exhaling, but been connected with your being.

Inhale, listen to yourself take in the air, feel it, speak positive affirmations( trust me, the voices will try to deter you and try to conjure up images to frighten you), then exhale, it’s ok to feel that negativity, but as you let out  air, imagine you are letting it out.

It doesn’t matter what religion, you believe in, even if you are an atheist, you of course, believe in the universe and science. So, just be strong and channel your thoughts and energy towards positivity, that way, you’d breed faith and be able to weed out doubt.

Of course, sometimes when we put in our hopes and expect that things will go as planned & it doesn’t, we have periodic or temporal flashes of anxiety or intense sadness.

It still doesn’t mean it would never work out, remember that there is a season for everything and also “Time & another Chance”.

Just as worrying won’t change the situation, taking your life won’t make things better, rather you’d bring hurt to the people you’ve left behind, and that is certainly what the devil wants, because that somewhat, creates a circle of depression and many other negative energy.

I mean, what is the outcome of a person’s mental state, when that person lost someone to suicide or a gruesome death.

So live in the moment, embrace the good, bad and ugly. Do not befriend doubt, because it will be the death of you, but rather befriend faith and be strong in it.

I hope I hit a spot.

Love & Light.

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