Asian Thinking (Finding Life’s Balance)


It’s no news that the Asians are perceived as the smartest people in the world, but, have you ever wondered what is it, that makes they stands out in terms of intellects and reasoning?

The major belief system of the Asians is mainly factored on Buddhism; which comprises of meditations, yoga, martial arts etc. Delving deeper, you discover the Yin and Yang philosophy.

With a quick brush of the subject matter, on what that depicts: Yin Yang. It simply talks about the duality of life; good & bad, positive & negative and so on. This means that everything has an opposite and also highlights the importance of balance.

Many times I hear the words “life is not a bed of roses”, and I wonder why it is so. Of course life can be so hard, but have you ever seen a bed of roses that has no thorns? I guess not.

The easiest way to live life is to seek balance, and how does this work? Asian Thinking! This is, finding balance and meditations. Trust me when I say you can’t be in this world and not focus your energy on something; by something, I would mean belief, career, self-etc.

When you seek balance, you discover yourself and understand the earth/universe. You welcome the good and bad but you do not falter. A simple illustration would be in our interaction with people- not everyone has the same opinion about us, in the sense that, some people would either give a positive remark about us, while others a negative remark. (Well, different people bring different sides of us).

Seeking balance is necessary as it is one of the intricacies of living. It’s like handling a layered drink so the mix doesn’t go bad and look bad. You can’t be too good, you can’t be too bad. In embracing the good, bad and ugly, you have to understand that as disappointments turn to a blessing, so does hardship or life situations fine-tune us for the beautiful changes ahead.

Well, I’m still learning more and welcome to book references or thesis on this.

Love and Light.

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