Source: Dream

This piece is as random as the subject matter suggests. (Well consistency is key! Welcome to another Wednesday!!!!)

I originally planned to dish out a bag of words on black psychology but life happened…

Life happened that I had a session and got ill before I could voice my delectable poem.
Life happened that I’m feeling weak,maybe hungry but just entirely afraid to eat.
Life happened that I’m almost disoriented because I’m needing to talk to a certain someone but I am meeting an iced wall.

Life is still happening…
So what do I do?

I will have some water after I drop this piece
I will go get food after this piece
I will go get my laptop charger after this piece
I will think of the next step to do, after this piece

I will and I shall

And if anything, anything creeps into my mind that I leave where I am currently and go home.

Darling I will because really… Life happens.

Still feeling sick.

Love and light.

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