Letter To Whom It May Concern

Hi Ezinne here,

So, while you try to find that balance between yesterday and tomorrow, here are two life keys: breathe and pray.

As silly as it may sound or unimportant, paying attention to yourself/intentional breathing would really play a huge role in improving the quality of your life. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Secondly, Prayers.
See, I don’t know what you’ve been told or your personal perception about the word “pray” but what I can tell you is this, “to pray” means to communicate with the universe/creator, your being.
It also means getting comfortable with silence.
You can only hear properly when it is quiet”

It may not seem like it but if you’re conscious, intuitive and observant, we’re all running out of time; not just about the end of days (rapture) but every new dawn is a step closer to our physical death.

So, make the most of every moment.

Who can promise you tomorrow? Feel me?

I’ll say it’s bad timing that I had to be in Lagos for this piece. Safe to say that Lagos isn’t exactly healthy for my mental health. The environment has left me largely unmotivated and slightly down in spirit. argh. can’t wait to go back home. Sick of it all

Love and Light.

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