I Think I’m A Bad Mom

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Hold that thought for a second. Yes, that very one that popped up in your head at the sight of today’s subject matter.

I don’t have a child, not pregnant and not looking for a child YET!

But hey! I think I’m a bad mom.

Why do I say this?

On Saturday, I headed out for a mental health outreach organized by a friend’s NGO and one of the fun activities amidst conversations was pot painting and the unexpected opportunity to adopt a plant, which I happily obliged.

Hello! The Latest Plant Mom in the building!!

See me shining my teeth ?

I mean, the mental effect of having a plant child is to strengthen a sense of responsibility, commitment, and accountability. Makes me wish I had responded positively when my ex brought up the idea of owning a houseplant. tsk! Story for never day

Look! I clearly didn’t know what I had signed up for.

Pot hand painted by me ❤️

So, after taking pictures and showing off to the world about this great thing I had accomplished and feeling so contributing, loving and nice to the ecosystem. Wait for it

Immediately I got home, I broke the base of the pot! Yikes! Then, I kept the plant at the home bar and kind of forgot about it until Monday morning.

I wouldn’t even try to lie that it was a natural cause of remembrance, I mean, it was because a friend inquired about the name of my plant and the watering process.

Brethren, I can’t even remember the name of my plant and up till now, I am uncertain about what is expected of me; to water it once a month or once a week (I’m going to water once a week though)

Fast forward to day 3 which is the 29th of June 2021, hmm.
So, I decided to water my plant on Monday morning and moved it to the kitchen, with a saucer as a replacement for the broken base.

Innocent Child

Tuesday morning, decided to check in with it (just to see if it were getting any of that sunny vitamins) and I discovered that the driver at home broke a part of the pot AND HE DIDN’T TELL ME!!!!

Heart Break ?


After screaming for a few minutes, a thought came to my head “damn girl! You’re bad at this job” and I think it subconsciously reflected in my dreams because, while I had a nap later that day, it played around me being inadequate.

Sighs… I don’t think I am about this life to be honest but then again, I ask myself “shouldn’t you be up to this challenge?”

It was at this moment I knew ?

Anyway, I’m considering going back to the HFIA Gardens on Saturday to replace the pot, get a new base and give this mothering thing another go.

Used cello tape on it for the main time. Sighs…

Shout-out to all plant moms out there. You know what? Adds dog moms, cat moms and all kinds of moms into this equation. MORE POWER!!!!



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  • I appreciate you for feeling sorry for your shortfalls as a “plant mom”.


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