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With the way I fall in and out of inspiration/motivation, I’ll say that I am one of the most insatiable humans on earth.

I mean, at what point would I say that I am truly satisfied with life?

For me, peace of mind is the stillness enjoyed in between partying with the angels and battling the demons.

Right now, it’s a war zone within my being.

I’m tired, sleepless and constantly in a self dialogue.

Sometimes this week, I discovered a video of Elon Musk talking about the concept of happiness and how the happiest people on social media tend to be the saddest people in real life.
You see, this quality of truth is one that can’t be easily shaken off.

As if the universe and algorithms were in sync, I stumbled on yet another video about why the marketing of “self-sufficiency” aka “self-love” is an attempt to create a narcissistic world where attention and concern are centered on the self.

For the lack of better words, I wish I could do better justice at interpreting the moral lesson of that video but I’ll say, it’s a lot colder and harder in this world without someone or support systems.

Anyway, I went ahead with an observational study on my environment and a little psychoanalytic theory of “the happiest people on the internet”

Turns out to be true… NO ONE IS TRULY HAPPY.

For some people, they are aware. For others, they aren’t.
Either way, there is this constant longing for more, that many of us try or successfully numb, through our faith and belief; Gratitude.

Give thanks! Give thanks!! We’re told yet so many times, this stimulation called life throws up tests and obstacles that turn us struggling to fight back for the joy we once felt; mindfulness aka taking our thoughts captive.

Hmmm… I think I’ll stop here as I can’t form the words in my head any better than I already have right here.

Also, I have been thinking… most people say I am quiet, some say I am timid and some say I am loud AF etc

So, I have come to a firm and final conclusion that, people’s perception of other people is solely based on their own perspective towards life.

It is also not enough for me to say that I know who I am.
It will only be a matter of reminders and practical steps to fully live out who I believe I am.

That been said, my thoughts are mine, uniquely tailored by my life experiences and if you ever relate with them, then how fortunate, I guess.

We all want many/different things and while we individually pursue these things, here’s me wishing you… Love and Light! Muah!!

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