Living for an audience of ONE

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I’m obligated to perform thrice a day.
I say performance while in reality, I am talking about prayers.

For me, this is the process of me shifting perspective towards living for God from living for people.

The conclusion is, we’ve all got to live for something and that is what defines what we collectively call PURPOSE.

PURPOSE… mentally biting my nails

I don’t want to admit this but of what help would it be if I choose to stay in denial.

What was once clear is no longer clear.

Better still, what seemed so close, now seems far away.

So, when I make an appearance, I find myself stuttering. Like the little girl who couldn’t tell her name and kept covering her face in Shane while people made fun of her.

The difference is I have silence. There’s no comment, just me, myself and God and for every time, I am in his presence, I feel something is lacking.

On the flip side, there are numerous demands from humans, so, it’s never really an audience that can be truly satisfied.

Here however, just two things “Trust” and “Obey”

Trusting is what influences obedience as if I believe then I’ll act accordingly.

Trust and Obey…

It’s not easy but I’m working it out.

Have a great weekend ahead.

Love and Light.

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