Feminism: What is God’s take on it?

Source: The Daily Mail UK

Generally, I’m of the opinion that for every cause, there are inevitably extremists.

The term “feminism” goes as far as the 19th century, splitting conventionally into three waves; Firstly, to overturn legal inequalities and issues of women suffrage.
Secondly, to cover issues of cultural inequalities, gender norms and roles of women in the society.
Thirdly, what we now see as diverse strains of feminism.

With all due respect to history, feminists should give thanks to the Italian-French writer, Christine de Pizan, who was the first woman to denounce misogyny.

Given that, we also have to make reference to the creation story; woman is said to be made out of man, and with great reference to Genesis 3:16 “And he said to the woman, “I will increase your trouble in pregnancy and your pain in giving birth. In spite of this, you will still have desire for your husband, yet you will be subject to him.”

I’m always plagued with reluctance anytime I’m faced with the question of “Are you a feminist?”
This reluctance isn’t as a result of shadowed cowardice nor actual indifference, it’s simply because, it’s hard to give a direct answer to a matter with a nature, that is highly disputable and opinionated.

If we look at the 19th century, when this all started properly, the English social reformer and author, Caroline Norton helped the English Laws at the time, to recognize and accommodate married women and children custody issues. This is one of the many examples, of early active feminism, and also as a result of her personal experiences, from an abusive marriage.

Now in application to my knowledge of the Bible, and how best of an impression we have of our creator, verily verily, he is a just God. So going by that, he must certainly supports equal treatment of every human, and responsibility for our offsprings.

A lot of people blindly scream “feminist”, but have no knowledge of the foundations of feminism.
In 1970, there was a manifesto “Woman Identified Woman” which was sexually political, and a part of the history of feminist activism. It mainly highlighted the need for equal rights of women, under the onus of multiple sexual partners, same sex relationship (which can be said to be the genesis of lesbianism and gay liberation)

Seeking God’s opinion, from the creation story, this aspect of the “feminist cause” does not hold weight. Logically, creation is as a result of Man and Woman. So if applied, is there hope for growth or multiplication if the same sexes are “naturally” inclined to be together?

This point in particular, triggers me to stretch my mind; thinking about the natural course of things and the days before evolution.
We can’t deny that polygamy isn’t exactly frowned at; in the natural cause of things, with my mind going as far as, playing out instances of pre-evolution Intercourse.

I mean, I might be right or wrong, but I believe “same sex attraction” was never intended to be existent, not even between women (saying this because of the arguments around early years polygamy). I also believe that, same sex attractions is one of the behavioral patterns learnt from the people of Sodom & Gomorrah (Remember Lot and his virgin daughters escaped, but they later thought it right, to intoxicate their father, so he could impregnate them, because they feared they would never get married and reproduce)

Virgins right?

How can I talk about feminism and God, without speaking about Staton and Maltida Gage, who believed the church was a major obstacle to women’s rights.
This was based on the process in which the church doctrine and authority, were used to portray women as morally inferior and inherently sinful.

Now back to the creation story; by my personal analysis, the forbidden fruit wasn’t exactly intended not to be eaten, it just wasn’t the right time.
And the whole social and religious misconstruct is as a result of the misapplication of Knowledge; mind you, knowledge is power.
God created (we- baby minded- child like), and said that we would die if we ate, like any other parent would do to a child, because we aren’t mentally developed to know what is good and bad “yet“.

With the likes of feminist historians like Josephine Butler, who believed in prostitution and sexual double standards to the likes of, Annie Besant and Margaret Sange, who advocated for family planning, birth controls and abortion reforms based on strong beliefs, that women should be able to decide the terms under which they will bear children, as that ” reproductive self control” depicts economic independence from men. And also 20th century feminist Dodson, who encouraged women to discover sexual desires through masturbation.

One can say that being “feminist” is collectively difficult because of the varying ideologies. As it seems, evolutionary, what was idealogical and comforting, has now become radical and uncomfortable. (Quoting with huge reference to sexuality and gender historian Nancy Cott)

So in conclusion, what do you deduce from this as God’s take on feminism?
Do you think feminism should be, maybe, re-evaluated?

For more insights on feminism,

Must Read: A vindication of the rights of woman by Mary Wollstonecraft (1792)

Love and light!

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  • I don’t think it’s a God thing. What was the use of making man first and making woman out of man? it signifies something..why didn’t he just make man and woman at once? Feminism seems to have various meanings based on individuals. I still don’t understand that word


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