Uncut Truths About Self Discovery and Embracing Weaknesses

Artist: Rita Lloyd

“Are you ready for social media?”How does one win in life if you don’t innovate your means of marketing?


It’s really hard to block out external opinions, especially in the early stages of knowing yourself and becoming.
I think we are in an era where you need to make peace with yourself and be confident, especially when delving into the virtual world, because it can be really tough because of people’s opinions.
It’s almost like having many flaws for entitled people to speak about, but what should matter the most is “your truth”.I have also come to realize that a lot of people like to talk, but what matters most is what you tell yourself and what God is saying.


Fear is a limitation and weaknesses are bad news.
The worst lie or thing anyone can do to themselves, is try to be unreal or deceive yourself.
Only you knows you like you do and sooner you are able to figure out your weaknesses, it’s easier for you to find ways to water yourself to grow.

Tonight’s inspiration comes from Whyte and Mackay Glasgow special blended scotch whiskey.It’s called a double marriage blend and I’m already seeking for a divorce!

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