Feeding the right personality


Just as there are two sides of the coin, so do we have different sides to us.

As an individual, we have varying personalities- in the sense that we constantly change, which is solely based on events that have happened to us and our surroundings.

A classic illustration would be how you say, “You don’t want to see the other side of me” or “you don’t want to see my other color”.

Feeding the right personality is so essential; because who we are is solely based on how we absorb the energy we receive and surround ourselves with.

This life isn’t just yours, it’s ours which means that we somewhat have the power to control someone’s life by the energy we emit, asides how they handle it.

Naturally we have the constant battle in us, between good and bad. According to popular American fable, we have two wolves, constantly fighting within us.

You will see that the key point to that is, all that really matters is what wolf we feed.

The world has unapologetically become toxic, not fully but to a large extent. It’s almost like a red flag at every given lamppost urging the bull within. Consciousness and awareness is a key to feeding the right personality.

Easier said than done, but there are steps to which this can be achieved.

Consciousness is synonymous to awareness, in the sense that we first, acknowledge the presence and existence of the battle within. Following, we pick a side- now the side you pick is left to you. I’m saying this because not everyone loves the light.

After this, it brings to light, the energy you need, the reactions to give and also steps to take.

In a world of good and bad, and a universe which is yet to be fully known, energies and vibes still remain the most essential key to living.

I hope you feed the right personality (wolf)


Love & Light

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