Patience: A virtue… really?


Hi, this is an article on patience by the most impatient person in the world.

Adding an extra year in age is almost like increasing my intolerance meter… sighs.

This topic is also actually an assignment, which was given to me by my Sifu and I have slept too long on it.

So I have done my assignment and I’m happy to change & share.

But first, what is a virtue? What is patience?

From the top of my head, virtue can only mean having a tasteful classy standard of life- with reference to the Virtuous woman of proverb 31. And also, patience is the willpower to accept that, something’s can’t be changed and it’s ok to relax through the pressing issues- numb.


To be patient is to actually embrace the act of tolerance and endurance, which is easily, said that done. The tricky part is it’s limited to one spectator- you. I said this because; I for example had learnt the skills of hiding my extra feelings, so it’s always too hard to actually tell what’s eating me up.

Enough about me and more about the real deal- patience will certainly take you far in life and goes a long way in ensuring good health & positivity. Why?

Impatience is a high magnet of negativity (energy), and of course one cannot over emphasize how much self-deterioration comes with that.

As a virtue, having patience is as fine as been perceived as a principled person (permit me to use the words “of high moral standards”).

Basic examples of when patience plays strong are: commitment to success, self- control, expectations, time, work results, life, self-absorption, clarity, decision making etc…

It’s a real long list but hey! It has now become evident that, it is relevant in all spheres of our lives.

You have these big plans for your business, after school and now it isn’t coming at the speed you expected- the answer is patience, why? When you become impatient, you create room for doubts, frustration, stress and possibly depression.

The key is to remind yourself that, “Good things take time for those who are patient”. Same applies to that person who keeps flipping your crazy buttons, when you want to make that life changing decisions, getting the right partner, financial upgrade etc. – Patience is the only way out.

Worry never solves anything; rather it gives you a high blood pressure, same as anger and other negative energies.

My intolerance level is still on the high but I have made a conscious effort to sit back, and really analyze a situation. God help me, God help you… Be patient, pray & meditate.


Love & Light.

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