Can you really make me happy: Is happiness transferable?


These days, self-happiness is way too over exaggerated, that it’s becoming to sound a lot more like selfishness.


Disregard any abnormal interpretation, I’m explaining from the most humane side of me. 


Writing this was solely triggered after I had experienced incessant promises and pledges of “I can make you happy”, “let me make you happy”.

Which made me “really” think about it


The first question that came to mind is, “How so?”

Happiness to me is a slippery shadow, taking forms from time to time, mostly never seen as the real thing.


Where did this come from?


As an individual, happiness is more than the sound of my laughter, creases on my face from a smile or grin and outward joy.

The real happiness comes from within, the aura inside of me, how I feel when I’m out of the eyes of the world and alone in my company etc.


So after analyzing all this, I began to think, how can someone really make me happy? Is it even wise to place my happiness in the arms of a fellow person?


Quoting from a poem by me, 


I fell in love with you slowly 

Breaking through the seven barriers of sanity

And of course I learnt, 

When you’re in love

You paint your misery as happiness just to ease the stress of the one you love

Out of my sadness, I germinated happiness just to lighten your world”


Titled “Best Friends Forever”, it is a reflection of how detrimental it could be, to wholly draw true happiness from a person or in other words, “Let them make you happy”.


Before juggling those anti-love thoughts- I’m an amazing woman of love, I believe in its possibilities and power, but I’m talking about this elementary emotion called happiness, and how impossible it is, to not talk about love…Ahem!


That been said, no one can make you happy. In short, nothing materially can make you “genuinely” happy. The key to happiness is “You”- and that is also knowing where to stop; in terms of that fine line of selfishness.


A person can “compliment” your happiness, material stuffs like money, cars etc. can also “compliment” your happiness, but none of this group of parties can give you genuine happiness.


Rough tides of life found me at the shores of therapy, though weird, it was a good shift in view.


Without going into so much details, the first thing I’m going to say is, this love thing (yes again), is really a hard thing. By love, I’m talking about self-love.


For me, it’s almost a question of “Can I f**k with me?”

I believe that is the best step in the pursuit of happiness, because in that way, you are able to gradually and slowly sow the seeds of love, and in turn, grow a strong mind for happiness.


And just as it is with those who are clearly undeserving of this love and burden to make us happy- be gentle with you.


What is the summary of this- happiness is a personal property, “self-key”, for you and from you. Externals can only compliment that happiness; in the sense that, they can’t exactly give you the real deal.


Happiness as a transferable is not exactly possible. A person with a happy vibe can elevate your mood “momentarily”- which is still not the real deal.


I hope you “honestly” find love with yourself, as I have.


Love & Light.

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