Aristos, Runs and other shenanigans


It’s 10pm and my Uber is waiting outside to take me to The George to meet Emma.

I’m confused between the silky black dress and the two piece I just got from Wanger Ayu.

There is a receipt on my bed detailing how much I have spent just to “look good for Zaddy” but of course, by tomorrow morning I’d come back smiling.


If I were a sin detector drone, spanning across Nigeria, especially the city of Lagos- I’d definitely give a high number of similar sensors; every day, every night- mostly during the weekend.

I don’t support the saying that sex is cheap and free, but it is very affordable, depending on your demand.

From the red light districts of Port Harcourt to the limelight zones of The Place Lagos, swarming in different shapes and colors are young beautiful ladies, ready for the night at a price.

Some lurk in the bars at the clubs, some play pretend at restaurants, some are at events (the stakes go so high, trust me) and some are at home, fiddling with their phones- e-prowlers.

This is the life- we have come to accept it. We can’t come and kill ourselves, because Man must wack, according to Jennifer.


My curiosity knows no bounds, so I set out to decipher this whole world of sex and fast money. lol



The very first time I saw this was on the campus of the University of Lagos.

I at first thought it was all about aristocrats, pardon my naivety, till I learnt it was about the rich men especially married, that give out money to younger women. According to the site, “seeking arrangement”, this is a classic representation of a sugar daddy and sugar babe relationship.

Hard truth: Over 40% of young ladies are “sugary”, edifying the souls of these men on a daily or weekend basis- depending on contract.



I once heard a lady say, “I’m not a prostitute, I’m a runs girl”- different levels to the game”.

I had to secretly check the definition of prostitution & a prostitute.

Insert definition picture.

It’s so funny; the justification that is in hypocrisy. An uncertified poll says almost every girl “especially Lagos and island” is a runs girl. To a very large extent, this is true as the will to spread thighs for currency is very much high. (No judgment here)


The other shenanigans

The reign of baby mamas, throne of “The other woman” and whatever branding it maybe has come to stay- no longer in the shadows but under the deep blue skies.

Expressive boldness in all ramifications, although, not all participants were interested

One said, it was in hopes to get him to marry her.

Another said, she was in love with him and didn’t mind being the second woman.

Another is gnashing her teeth at the fact that her spell has worn off and he no longer has interest in her.

The world is crazy but do not be consumed by its craziness.

The truth is, no one can be the best judge of character, not even me as an author but we must all learn the consciousness of our actions.

This post shouldn’t be directed to just the female clan, because even the male clan are on another wave of same sorts.

No matter how we view situations, most times, what we interpret as our happiness may be a disguise of unhappiness.

Lives get lost due to diabolic measures. STDs, AIDS, Soul snatching, destiny disruption- trust me when I say, young girls, if you ever feel cursed, if it’ ain’t your village people, it’s somebody’s wife.

The rudiments of living are crazy and Karma isn’t just a bitch but a thirsty one.

Mental health cannot be overlooked either, remember the tables could turn on you, and the one who stays up at night, looking at the clock, will have you staring at the calendar for days, months or even years.

I can tell you for free, there is still a version of freedom and expression in right living.

With this small piece of mine, I hope you do what’s right for you.

Love & Light.

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