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What make up a human being are the mind, body and soul. Naturally, the human nature is insatiable, therefore the reason for hunger- in all ramifications.


Today I’m focusing on the mind, because it has what I call- the spinal power of the entirety of the human body.


According to the scriptures, without sounding religious, it’s important to be cautious about what we edify our minds with; this is because the mind is the power house, and when it’s not getting the right nutrition, the rest of the body and soul easily deteriorates.


Incorporating energy into this, it’s also important to acknowledge that if we do not feed our minds with positive energy or positive thoughts.


I always say that the way we see the world is our perception of what the world looks like. Because of the individual differences, our brain gives us all a different sense of things, and this in other words; reflect on how we interpret the world.


Therefore what we believe is what manifests.


As disconnected as the illustration I’m about to give, I want to show how strong the power of the mind is.

So for example, you have an unnoticed cut on your body, and the money someone brings that to your knowledge, you automatically feel a pain- there it is.

You are so sick, probably a terminal illness, but you feel good, and all of a sudden you are met with that unimaginable knowledge- it begins to manifest, yea?


So that is it!


If we desire progress or productivity, we have to be sure that we are in tuned and only absorb things in line with that.

Same as negative energy, the sad part is there are actually rules and law in “religion” which can help and aid self- development, but they are only interpreted in a religious way.


The watchword is this “Be careful what you feed your mind”


Because what you feed your mind is what determines your being.

I hope I made a little sense.


Love and light.

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