Twenty Six on the Sixth of the Sixth Month

5 years ago. For my 21st birthday

5 whole ass years. What a journey!
Five years ago, I was a young teenager who still had a sizable amount of self-esteem but grew to see the coming years eat it away. Well, thanks to depression.

Whenever I feel like sharing about my journey, I almost feel like I am crying victim and so, I sometimes just recoil into myself.

Well, mehn… It’s been real. It has been so real, that even the minute transformations that I have sometimes been experiencing, feel unreal.

Life is hard but it is simple, which means, always choosing yourself and taking responsibility to be intentional and aware.

Dropped a book/journal shedding a little light on my journey (Click on the picture to redirect to the book- FREE)

Here’s an added truth, this shoot is so dear to me because I took it in my most vulnerable and raw self.
Not only did I go nude with my now “here to stay” love handles and size 12 dress bod, but I was also on my period.

A babe and a half

It had been so long that I have felt liberated, proud in my skin and just free – free to express

And looking at them over and over again and I cannot help saying thanks to the supreme and universe for the grace to embrace change.

It is not easy. Not an ounce of daily positivity and or even a fixed goal of perfection.

Just acceptance, awareness and the will to continually learn, unlearn and relearn.

I have so much joy in my soul. Please say a prayer for me.

Love and light

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