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I originally intended for this article to be dropped on the 1st of August, but I am too overwhelmed not to share this joy that I feel.

First things first, God is real.

I say that because in my search and quest to understand the supreme being, I am met with mind-blowing revelations.

Talking about the subject matter steamed out of two personal life experiences; one, accountability, and responsibility.

I still believe that I have the most interesting relationship with God, especially with how vulnerable I am with him.
I have gone from seeking, questioning, getting pissed off and starting the sequence all over again.
I had asked why he let the fruit of life be in existence before, why he let the devil deceive us, why we are suffering the sins of our father and most importantly, why the dramatization of humanity? *I mean, why can’t he control us to do his bidding, instead of fighting this unseen battle of the flesh and spirit*

At some point, I had asked to be possessed by the Holy Spirit like demons would but in all of my questions, I got no answer.

You can imagine my frustration, searching for clarity on the thought process of our creator.

The second experience was of unrequited love and rejection.
You see in life, just before you get lost in wallowing and crying victim, catch yourself and ask “what is the lesson to be learnt?”

And yes, safe to say that I finally got the answer I was looking for…

What do you do when you know the thoughts you have for a person are good and are to bring the person joy, love and peace (which you have expressed) but they have made a decision, either by words or by action, to be with someone else?

Would you coerce or try to manipulate them into loving you?

Isn’t it sweeter when a person warms up to you out of their own volition?

So, if you have ever been in a situation where you wonder why God gave us freewill and the power of choice, think about these questions and answer it.

Love and light!

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