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Most creatives have flexible time, some still on the journey of securing career capital but in all, we humans all need Time Out.

I guess this is why we have the Sabbath day – for rest.

We all need time out from family, friends, social media and social noise. Not insinuating that they are bad for us but intense reflection from time to time is important.

I had made a booking at the Casa Del Papa Lake house for 4 days to connect, read, write and create, but I am still swimming in work, deadlines, and hopes.

As I write this, it is currently 12:19 p.m., which is a clear example that my creative juices might just be drying up because I have been majorly stressed.

Taking time out isn’t chickening out, it isn’t selfish, it isn’t laziness and most importantly it isn’t “UN African”.

I seriously need a time out from everything to be honest.
Drowning in work and although achievements look good on paper and online, my body and mind are beginning to tell sad tales.

Tips anyone?

I promise to drop a solid piece next week.

Love and light.

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