The Woke Era: Has the world become too sensitive?

Source: The Blue Review

To me, regardless of whatever era we may be in, I think it is important that we all become self “awake” which in Urban lingua is “woke” ness

It is amazing and interesting to see women speaking up, people baring their souls and most importantly, the awareness on mental health.

Still, it feels like wounds are opening up and being severally touched by infected opinions, which is resulting into deterioration, rather than healing.

I am not so much of a “happening” youth but I “happen” to have a few social media apps to catch up on stuffs.

And the one thing that keeps bothering me is “Has sensitivity lost its value?”

With the general message of Peace, Love & Light, there are still strong gender wars, classism and of course, hypocritical condemnation.

It is hard to be human? I know! But is anyone even trying these days?

It’s been said that the best way to live is to be saint-like, STILL! it doesn’t mean that the negative human emotions should never be felt. 

“Should be felt BUT controlled”

A certain Nigerian celebrity reached out about my book and bared out his soul on his struggles with the media, fans, colleagues and himself.

Sad! I must say because I felt a part of me hurt, which really got me thinking about the general state of the world?

Have we fought against insensitivity, that we’ve become overtly sensitive to the point that we are now a different kind of insensitive?

Love is that which is learnt through living, giving and practice. It isn’t that which is just said.

You can’t feel love just by mere words like “I Love You” or “Love is all”

Love changes in its true sense and the only way we can seek the change that we look for is by self-practice. Individually.

Nigeria such as, can never change if the people are not ready to change. If we can’t show our fellow-man what love is. The government isn’t entirely our problem because in the real democratic sense, we are the government.

Gender wars shouldn’t exist in the first place, because violence/defense only satisfies egos, and the ego that isn’t fed will never rest.

Forgiveness goes a long way in bringing change and is a vital part of love. I’m not going to lie that it isn’t the most difficult characteristics expected from a human, but then, it is necessary.

In the end, my take home for anyone reading this is, we can be “woke” in love because that is the only profitable awakening.

It is ok to call out and admonish what is wrong but as we are no legal judge presiding over a criminal or civil issue, it is a human right to give a ruling in love, correct with love and address an issue in love.

To me, it’s a crazy loop; preaching love, ruling in uncontrolled emotions and then turning around to take a stand against ignorance of mental instability.

We (humans) all have 3 things in common: the body, the mind & the soul. Above all, the general care is through love and without love, there is no stability.

I hope I made some sense.

Love & Light!!!!




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