Classism: The Fear Of Being Judged, Getting Judged & Judging

Source: Farrago Magazine

Classism; stronger than racism. Has silently bloomed

We fear it, we face it, and then we do it.
It is simply explained as the discrimination on top of one’s social class and of course we all know that social classes are based off, wealth, income, education, occupation and of course, “exposure” or “social connections

To be honest, I still can’t believe myself when I say I really took a special amount of time to read about this topic.
As I earlier quoted, unlike other discrimination we fight for (sex, racism, age etc) & the laws set up to protect these rights, it is almost like everyone turned a blind eye to this sort of discrimination which clearly leads to complex/esteem issues and in some cases; mental imbalance. Oh!
Oh!! Oh!!! Oh!!!! I had to chip that in. *rolls my eyes*

The Fear Of Being Judged

Fear is fake. Fake is fear.
I mean, it all starts with fear before you even become a “fake” person.

Nobody wants to be the one splashed with puddle water.

Nobody wants to be the one standing outside the club, begging to be let in.

Nobody wants to be seen as jobless.

A real life example would be me, so at the peak of my youth which was the first taste of financial stability, I could comfortably afford to use an Uber or Taxify to wherever I wanted.
Right now, it’s almost insane when I checked my expenses but still, I chose that insanity over the fear of “what would people say?” If I got on a bike or a bus, simply to save cost.

But hey! I’d be damned if I live my life on people’s expectations. (I don’t step out unless it’s important though & although I swore I would never enter a bus since 2014, I won’t lie that “blowing bikes” seems pretty convenient now, especially in the city of Lagos)

Getting Judged

I call this social bullying and trust me, you do not want to experience this sort.
It all starts with been wrongly addressed because you don’t “look” the part.

It starts by that famous question “where do you work?” “What do you do for a living?”

It starts by being the object of jest because why not, if not? You’re the one at the bottom of the social hierarchy.

It starts with anxiety over a relationship because you worry about “where you’re from”.

It starts with that certain “somebody” jumping the line all the way into the manager’s office. I mean, just because!
It starts with the sirens and unnecessary military personnel, riding on that road you could get fined for, parting the sea of cars because damn! Can’t you hear the “Wiun! Wiun! Wiun!”

It starts with been in a gathering and instead of proper introductions, you get a “Don’t you know me?!”

It starts with undeserved grades to kids whose parents “fund” the welfare of the school.

Ok I’m tired cause the list goes on but it probably started with whoever invented “VIP” “a million or over tables” “socialite clubs” etc.
I mean who the fuck invented the word “elites“?


Do unto others what you would want to be done unto you

Golden rule right? Laughing my ass out. Fuck that shit.
I always say to complainers, “what if tables turn? Would you be better?”

It’s hard to take the words of person who has ever been on green grasses.

It’s hard to believe the humility of an upcoming artist.

In general, it’s tricky to believe in a person who is in dire need, want or in search of any material/earthly liberation.

You can’t give what you don’t have” – the world’s most versatile quote

And you truly can’t because with power & wealth, it’s hard to water down pride, ego and those false senses of entitlement.

It’s why you react badly when a person who seems “below” you, expresses themselves in a way “you consider” condescending.

It’s why you hear these questions “do you know who I am? Where I come from?”

It’s why you can tell who a help is, in public, as if to say he/she isn’t human like the rest of the family.

It’s why you’d rather rent your apartment to a single men than a women because you believe that “socializing” is a men’s thing.

It’s why women are hardly allowed to enter the club alone except in cases when you flash your “big surname” or purposely ask for a valet, so they know you’ve “arrived

It’s why some of us (I’m guilty of this) wonder why a guy would pick us over a girl who isn’t on “our level“.

I think this level thing needs to be better explained.

It’s why we make side comments about strangers; their flaws, their shortcomings as if we,  ourselves are perfect creatures. Talk about angels in human disguise. Pfft.

In fearing judgment, getting judged and then turning around at the slightest opportunity to do the judging.

Safe for me to chant “Long Live Classism!!! The ultimate circle of life!!!”

Humans: Vessels of Bullshit.

Love and Light.

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