The Voices in your Head

Artist: Sarah Jung

At first, it’s easy to attribute today’s subject matter to a case of mental illness or instability. While that is very valid, it is still far from the truth.

The truth is we all have voices in our heads; bad or good.
Some people call it “The conscience” and others call it “The good and bad angel.”

Now, before going further in today’s topic, I would like to chip in the reality and sync it with the truth of “God is in us.”

Like I said in a few older posts I have written, we really cannot live life discrediting the existence of the spiritual realm because as real as life gets for us, so real is it about the world which operates but yet unseen.

Having said that, the presence of God in every one of us is the gift of the Holy Spirit which we earned as a consequence of the new covenant which we now have with God.

I recently started reading the Qur’an, so y’all better watch out for the new contents I’ll churn out in the near future.

You see, once upon a time, we suffered the expressions of God’s anger irrespective of the fact that we didn’t exactly know what we were doing.

For me, I wonder if it’s safe to interpret the fact that we were being handled based on our impatience and curiosity to know that which we weren’t ready for and grow faster than our ages. refer to the creation story.

Right now though, as he watches over us and is with us, he is now in us.
That is, the voice that spoke over us and around us, also speaks from the inside.
The problem with the voice on the inside is that, it is not the only voice that speaks.
So, when God speaks from within, you need to filter it (with your knowledge of his words) because there are other voices speaking also – the voices of your past, your history, your religious tradition, your own opinion and ideology.
Do you get me now? It is easy to confuse the voice of God with all those other voices.

And like I always say, we can’t know everything, even till our last day, we’ll keep learning because the lesson of differentiating what is good and bad, pure and evil never really ends.

Things like

  • What is God and what is us(we, you and I)?
  • What is God’s teaching and what is ours?
  • What is God proclivity and our personal proclivities?
  • What is God and what is Religion?

So, you see, it is in the understanding and differentiating of these voices that we kick-start the learning process that we consistently contend with.

For me though, if you ask me, I’ll say “anything that can be explained, can be managed” so, therefore, God cannot be explained because just as life in its abstract sense, it must be experienced; gradually revealed; walked out in our lives and in our circumstances.

I hope I made a little sense with this.

Love and light!!

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