Life’s like Candy Crush

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I have been holding on to the subject matter for a almost a week now, that if I didn’t let this out, I would forever be upset with myself.

If you aren’t familiar with the game “candy crush” or similar games like it, then this might be a bit difficult for you to understand.

Patience is truly a virtue, real life story o!

This rings in my head on some days where I keep playing a certain level for weeks and sometimes give up but go back and eventually win.

Some levels are easy breezy, that I keep going on a crazy winning streak till I get hooked somehow.

Maybe, playing games might be good for our minds but here is my take home from my experiences so far “Life is like Candy Crush”

Life is so interesting, dramatic, with a little bit of stress here and there.

So, on my hard, tough and difficult days, I link my circumstance to a hard level I am playing, with a quick reminder at the back of my head “you’re going break through, not sure when but eventually if you don’t give up”

And yes, in addition, staying connected and disconnected.

How do I arrange my words to provide clarity? *thinking*

For the past few years, I have found complete peace in solitude, too much that I might have embodied this sour residue from isolation.

That sour residue is what I like to call “Black shadows

So, in staying connected to people (those that carry light and salt within), I get to see that light and spice in myself too.

Which is like, playing the game connected to the internet and being exposed to the numerous deals and opportunity to make the game a little easier.

Remember how you can only get more lives and give more lives if you’re connected. feel me?

Not sure how I want to end this piece but for the most part, I am just happy I wrote this.

Let me use this opportunity to give a big shout-out to creatives who show up every single day for the art and craft they believe and birth.

Being consistent and staying disciplined is a gift on its own.

To everyone collectively, Love and light!

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