Self-value can only be strengthened through one’s self perception. You must also know that self-perception is very vital because, that is the way people pick off energies from you.

The simplest illustration would be yourself; one too many times, you find yourself drifting or second guessing a person during a conversation. It isn’t that the words coming from that person isn’t valid, but simply because you are way too distracted by the vibe you are getting from that person, and also the energy been emitted from such.

Well, you can already guess that, that’s you feeding off that person’s perception of themselves. I read in a book that, before you pray and ask God for a promotion or anything, you must have the right attitude and integrity to handle that position, or receive that which you asked for.

Self-value is important; it is the silent butler of a life. It is unconsciously self-introductory, and in any case, the wrong introduction could deny you a seat or set you several seats back.

Self-value has a lot of role to play in our individual aspects of life. It isn’t necessarily in our professional life, but also in our social life and relationships. I have met a person who, the fundamental issues in life is solely based on their self-perception. Self-value/perception can also be roped into self-esteem, and I believe that esteem issues vary from high to low.

We must seek a balance to successfully live a life of fulfillment. You must remind yourself that life is ever evolving; growth, growth and regrowth.

One trick that helped me was listing out the things I didn’t like about myself, against the things I loved about myself. In this way, I got clarity about how beautiful it was to love myself.

Another trick is spending some free time with yourself. By free time, I don’t just mean either watching a movie or sleeping. I simply mean getting in touch with your being. It is very important that you learn the act of meditation, do not let anyone see you as weird, it is important.

Listen to your heartbeat, breathe, be in touch with your seven senses, acknowledge the universe and show love to yourself.

Another trick is being imaginative; you mustn’t be a creative for you to be imaginative. Every individual has the power to imagine, because we have the power of the mind. So whatever sector or place you are, put your mind to good use.

Well this is tricky because remember the saying, “from the abundance of the mind, the mouth speaketh” and for me, I’d say “so does the mind thinketh“. You cannot bring forth from a soil, you didn’t plant on, you cannot bring forth from a calabash you didn’t fill and you know how the rest goes. So be mindful of what you feed your mind, if you want positivism then you must surround yourself with things that will only bring about that.

Be conscious of this.

Another trick is being creative, trust me, the greatest things of the world, started from one thought. That business idea, that invention, that product, that recipe, that stunt, that design, whatever it is, started from one day. So allow yourself be creative, which can only happen when you are in touch with yourself.

It wasn’t a lie when it was said that, “you can give love when you don’t love yourself”. Love isn’t just for other people, it is for yourself too, and for you to bring forth that love, you must first change your perception and love yourself despite, the flaws you think you have.

Lastly, is the learning act of disappearance. This one is tricky because, it isn’t a long run from isolation. For me as an individual, I found it easy to disappear, only thing was I wasn’t doing it the right way- I was only isolating myself.

To disappear is to make time for you. Sometimes you need to be on your own- it’s simple. Just as you feel the need to take a leave off work, you need to take a leave off the social scene to be in touch with yourself. It’s how life should be, it’s what the universe wants for you.

Self-value is so important, it breed seeds of confidence, inner beauty, focus etc. and rakes the weeds of low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, hate, worry etc.

I might not know it all but with these few words of mine, I hope you show love to yourself.


Love & Light

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