The first thing is to understand what it means to be content.

To be content is to be grateful. The actual act of gratitude is not just to God, but to you and the universe.


Contentment plays a huge role in growth, and by growth, I mean in all aspects of your life.

This life we are given is broad. The innate will to survive, is man’s greatest problem. It’s the fuel to all negative energies; it’s how we feed our troubles.


Contentment isn’t just about what we have. It also includes where we are and who we are.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting better, but to be better, we must first be thankful for the good- good, better, best yea?


The good is now! Gratitude really goes a long way. Gratitude is a very positive power. It breeds a harvest of appreciation, it rakes the weeds of doubts and worry and it certainly makes you bloom.


If you are not contented, it will easy for you to go off the rail. That is why you see depression easily creeping up on you. Sadness freely walking through the door of your life, and if you aren’t careful, Death overthrowing you.


As the author of this piece, I can tell you for free, that I don’t have it all. I don’t own a car, rent bills on its way and business is moving slowly, but if you meet me, I have a million dollar smile.


I remember something a friend usually told me, “Why do you behave like your father has money?” *laughs*

I wish I could meet her now, because I have an answer to that question.

Can you guess? Gratitude


I have been able to be appreciative of the now, the good, so that the better can come, and also the best would follow. It still applies to the Magic of wealth. 

Money is actually easy to get, the trick is the management. Now if you can’t manage the little you have, you’d never be able to manage the riches when it comes.


Simple logic to money spending is simple logic to life.


Stay grateful.


Here is a trick I personally do- for every day; I thank God first for life. As the day goes, even as little as the 100 naira someone pays for my water. Or the change an Uber driver leaves for me, or the lift I got to where I intended going, or the money someone sends to me.

No matter how little or how big, I’m thankful and grateful. 


This isn’t just by saying to the person, “Thank You”, but acknowledging in my heart and mind, gratitude.


I promise you, you’d feel the change if you are contented and grateful.


Love & light.


Contentment Artwork by Priyanka Dutt

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