The Act of Unlearning


Learning is a constant process. To be human and survive, the will to learn must be constant.

Now learning requires unlearning, so you can relearn.

Unlearning simply means mentally correcting knowledge; the best illustration would be how we have application upgrades, or better still how bills and rules are amended.

Those are actual acts of unlearning, because it tweaks with the initial knowledge to bring about new understanding.

A friend of mine, Terry has on his bio, “Learning and unlearning”, it took me almost half a year to understand that. Mind you, he is one of the brightest minds I have ever come across.

To succeed in anything, you must listen, learn then be ready to unlearn. As learning is constant, unlearning is constant.

Another aspect of unlearning can be physical; you can unlearn bad habits. Someone asked me how is it possible to abstain from some social vices, which society has somehow planted as our daily mantra. I responded that, before that were, I was.

I was once a virgin, before I gave in, so I might as well decided to unlearn that premarital sex aspect and just chill.

I can decide to unlearn smoking, because I learnt it, so I can unlearn it.

I think the above illustration pretty makes it clear on the whole process of unlearning- if it was learnt, it can be unlearned.

Even emotions, characteristics etc. are learnt, through friends, family, environment and so therefore can be unlearned.

I’m not exactly sure if my words are strong on this topic, but one thing I’m certain of is this, the mind is man’s greatest weapon- it has the power to make and bring forth. It’s the unseen controller of a human and it can also be a limiting stop to our lives.

We have the power to learn/accept, once we believe in our minds that we can. We have the power to unlearn/let go, once we believe in our minds that we can.

Here is a trick I do- I list out all possible traits, characteristics, opinions, self-perception, likes and don’ts of myself as a person.. Then I go through them, and select the ones I wish to unlearn, which will in turn make me feel like a better person. I wish this for everyone.


Remember your mind is the key.

Love & Light.


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