Growing up, before giving an answer or talking about a topic, I was taught to first define the subject topic.

Now when you hear the word, “wavelength”, what comes to mind?

Wavelength is simply a person’s ideas and way of thinking, especially as it affects their ability to communicate with others.

Erykah Badu will tell you that, people who vibrate at the same frequency vibrate towards each other. The scientists call it: SYMPATHETIC VIBRATIONS.

As an individual, it is quite important to be able to stay put on that path which truly defines us. I would always say that, “we are all on different wavelengths; you can’t come off as me”. From my words, you can clearly tell, how I perceive the term.

Today based on observation, and maybe attributed by the age of social media, there are a lot of lost souls. By saying that, I don’t mean that spiritually, well it could be but characteristically. We are all born uniquely, and our ideology and character gets molded by our environment. However, the choice to finesse all that we have assimilated is with us.

One of the most popular words in the 21st century is “Fake”.

The quality of a person, defines his or her wavelength. As humans, we all have aspirations, expectations and fantasies, and too many times, we let our fantasies becloud us. Fantasies are good but are distractions: this I will tell you for free, which is why having control over our life is paramount. Be you and be strong, learn but don’t waver, don’t be a life/culture vulture, accept the process.

I remember coming across some words that talk about, “being a one-eyed king in the land of the blind”. Most times, we find ourselves within negative social circles or people, who leave us confused, questioning ourselves or most times even questioning, the level of mentality of such person. That moment you are experiencing such is the actual proof of the word, “wavelength”. In simple words, the quality of your relationships, friendships show your wavelength too.

I used to attract a lot of emotional strays; if I’m to be honest, I think I still do, but I am a work in progress. This was simply because I was in dark space emotionally and, so I could totally relate. Unfortunately for me, based on my accommodating nature, i always ended up being totally drained of every atom of feigned positivity i was holding on to.

The moment you experience a reoccurring characteristics in people around you, check the frequency on which you are vibing to, in relation to the energy you are receiving. It isn’t going to come immediately and when it does, you would be able to stop that negativity. It also applies to, attracting the right people to you.

What do you define as right?

Whatever you define as right, should be what you are set to attract. You can’t be on a negative wavelength and expect positive vibes. You can’t be on a sad wavelength and expect happiness. Also take note; just like the saying, “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil”, it is inevitable for you not to come across people on negative wavelengths; it’s a world full of frequencies, but when you do, be careful not to get sucked in.

Meet everything with positivity. Meet everything with Love.

Love & Light.




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