The Toxicity Of Being Nigerian

Photo source: Pulse Ng

First, charity begins at home.

Why did I start off like that? Well, having carefully focused on the world at large and the many problems of it, Nigeria’s issues are far from being on top of the list.

But first, charity begins at home.

The first trait of our toxicity would be how we have successfully tainted the aura of the color “Green“.
Green means growth, life, vitality etc.
But for the green in us, as Nigerian, as a passport, it means trouble.

Of course, we ain’t all bad but let’s not forget that negativity echoes harder than positivity. In application to thoughts sef, you need about 10 positive affirmations to cleanse 1 negative thought.

But hey! Nigeria again.
Some days ago, while making my way to the airport, I saw people on the Apapa- Oshodi expressway way (specifically), literally hiking (because it was more than crossing over a slab), just to get to the other side of the road.
Mind you, a pedestrian bridge isn’t far, I mean there were two.
Mind blowing part was even a pregnant woman was in this mix of this animalistic characteristics… Which way Naija?

Let’s move to the (what I’d call them) Uber dupers or Bolt Bolters
In all of this topic’s generality, Naija is pure toxic. I mean, ever wondered how a system that has worked successfully in other countries, faces the highest level of complications here.
From the drivers altering the app to extort money, dubiously using longer routes and recently using it to kidnap people.
To the riders doing fake transfers and recently snatching cars and killing the drivers.
Which way Naija?

Or let’s talk about the Skills and Scams at the Computer Village, or the alteration of manufactured goods and sales of fake drugs (mostly in rural areas and out-of-state places). Naija which way?

Or how yesterday on the 3rd Mainland bridge in traffic, an Ambulance with sirens blaring trying to maneuver got hit by another vehicle & it’s back doors suddenly open. Which to everyone’s surprise, baskets of Tomatoes fell out.

And then one of the general waves we surf, internet fraud aka free money-making schemes.
Second toxic wave is hidden under the umbrella of “One Nigeria” . A very laughable term.

Here’s my truth (observation), here’s our truth:
We don’t exactly need the change that we scream about, at least a greater percentage doesn’t.

We all need self beneficial change.
Let’s not forget that we are first humans before Nigerian and so we are naturally selfish.

This selfishness is what is eating so deep within us, because what is to explain how a single person that earns almost quarter a billion annually, still steals.

The general toxicity of being Nigerian is finding the easy way out.
A successful country requires hard work and patience. (Which by digging deep into history, our diabolic beliefs might have contributed to our profound laziness towards active development) *I stand corrected*

We are highly hypocritical as a country at large. How do you claim a westernized cause and not claim it fully; to be westernized, you must speak your truth and be unapologetic about it. That’s the first and one of the good things they might have taught us: freedom of expression – The Truth.

We scream one Nigeria, but tribalism eats us so hard, we pretend like nothing is wrong. Like how the general perception of the Yorubas are so bad, and then the Igbos are so materialistic and finally the Hausas are underestimated.
And in all that majority Tribal talk, there’s the long list of ethnic groups who are left in the “minority“.

I mean where is the “oneness” if there is segregation. N.B: Matthew 12:25

Mind you, a friend in the Army told me in confidence that it is dangerous to be Igbo, especially if you get assigned to the Northern Area to combat the Boko Haram. That some of the northern Soldiers kill them and report those deaths as fatalities of the war. Sighs.

Times like this, I wish my grandpa was alive because, asides that he saw the slave traders and mingled with them, he was very learned.

But hey! Nigeria again

So there’s a cold war and thankfully, maybe a wind of awareness silently blowing through the country.

I hope it ends well. I hope it all ends in praise, but there’s a general turn in the international perception of Nigeria .

Like I said before, we are not so bad but our negativity echoes harder than our positivity.
Slowly, we are fitting into the FATF Blacklist while we laugh hahahaha in ignorance, although we are already sitting pretty in the list of “High Risk Countries“.

There is gradually becoming a change in criminal focus, *trust me* armed robbery is making a comeback. Kidnapping has started already. Ritual Doings might just be fully re-enforced (talk about the days of Scavenger The Movie and Domitila)

Calm down, I’m just a smart 90s Baby. ???

But what can I say? He who has ears, let him hear for even the Bible says, that it is pointless to try to speak to fools.

I’m sure my readers ain’t fools.

When there is life, there is hope and when there is a will, there is also a way.

I like to perceive the government as the roots and the masses; the tree, branches and the leaves. The fruits¬† are what defines a tree. Not just that but also it’s quality and all of that, is dependent on the welfare and activities that go on in the roots.

To me, it no longer takes a man to rule a village but a bunch of elders, so if we can and if we are ready, to take part in actively rebuilding ourselves and standing strong, transformation and restoration is ours.

Like the popular saying, “it’s never how long but how well“, look at the Singaporean story which is utterly transforming.

We are our bad energy and we need to take it off and keep it far away.
We are giants blinded by greed and lack of contentment.
We are so much and more.
All we need to do is awaken.

Did I make any sense? Please leave comments, I want to learn!

Love and light!!

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  • A very enlightened discuss, well researched and presented for the redemption of souls and awakening of thoughts. I salute your creative mind. Cheers.

  • You made sense Ezinne, As i say to my friends and any who cares to listen, the problem with Nigeria is the people not leaders…our leaders are the reflection of the people(FOLLOWERS) cos if one is asked to pick an orange from a basket of bad oranges, the person would continually pick a bad orange… I have lost hope in any natural restoration of our country, if there would be a restoration then it might be magical or miraculous… Thank you for listing the some of the problems , i would be happy to read possible solutions from you..


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