The Increase In Innovation As Opposed To The Decrease In Mental Stability.

Source: Times of India

If you’re a dedicated reader of the drunken writer blog, you’d have seemingly come to terms that nothing of this world has straight merits.

On today‘s topic, we’re looking at innovation as regards to technology, socializing and various means of communication.
At first, I could easily blurt out that science is bad, but in its entirety, it naturally begs to differ.
Science, innovation, technology has in many ways than one, help ease the mechanism of performance in certain things that we do.

In relation to its effect on mental stability, I would start by talking about what and how we feed our minds.
Looking back at the past, although speaking not out of experience because I’m a “94 baby, I would say that our “ mind edibles” were still highly controllable, judging from the high percentage of “manual” processes that were needed to do stuffs and gain information.
In comparison to the digital age, there is a lot of free access, coupled with the existence of Al (Artificial Intelligence), which ensures that we are constantly reminded of all we seek, through every website and app that we use.

So my next question would be,as freely as we can use information and these “mind edibles”, how are we exercising that freedom in ensuring that our minds are fixated on this game and contents that are only right for it?

Coming from a curious cat like me, I can tell you for free that a lot of dangerous places on the internet, somehow metamorphosis into our reality. I have explored the psychedelic community, the witchcraft community, the “suicidal” (talk about people who believe in the cause of mass shootings), communities who only curate content around executions and so many weird things and so forth.

And one thing I believe and know is this, I most certainly can’t be the only one exploring these spaces. Right?

And oh yes, one can never be the same after wrongful exposure, but one can bring managed.
So in my opinion, or rather an open question, don’t you think that the continuance of innovations (technology in particular), might be a reason in the decline of mental instability?

Mental health awareness just got on the very high rise, has it always been this way?
Or am I just noticing? In my “beginning” stage of being an adult”?

Questions. Questions. I need answers. Let’s rub minds.

Between how’s the new site looking? Feedbacks please ?

Love and light.

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  • Articles I have read and documentaries I have watched support this theory. Advancement in technological innovation have affected quality of life both ways and in turn, our mental state as humans in the tech environment is at the mercy. Your questions are valid. The answers are shrouded in darkness and secrecy impregnated by a very bright light.

  • You are the only one checking on witchcraft websites o… meanwhile yea, mental health awareness is on the rise.. so many are depressed and it feels like there’s a new spirit possessing the earth.

  • Why won’t mental health awareness be on the rise?
    When anxiety and depression is the topic of the day… due to people trying to fit into the fake high-status life we see on social media.
    People need to take things slow and remain happy in their space, while they keep working for the best.


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