The Delusions Of Atheism

“There is no God”

This is the general onus for the man who swears “atheism”.

For a curious cat like me, you can sure tell that I have tried to jump on this train of thought. Unfortunately, the experience wasn’t meaningful.

From feeding off the words of Jean Paul Sartre, to those of the “Four Horsemen of the Non Apocalypse”, I can tell you for a fact that the atheist faith is a self faith.

Now I wouldn’t delve into spirituality as such, as I do not see myself as a spiritual leader or one in perfect spiritual standing.
But logically, atheism is an illusion.

While reading a general spiritual text ” As it is“, I discover the selfishness and want of man in his time of need or trouble.
For a person who says there is no God, what then would prayer be or mean to him as he “strongly” believes there is no God.

Secondly, I must quote and note that; the cosmic manifestation has no power to act unless it is moved by the superior energy; the living entity.
In present day times, we term it “Vibes“.

No toxic vibes
Positive vibes only

Energies are always controlled by the energetic, and the living entities are always controlled by the Lord__ which means there are no independent existence.

And I know the statement above is enough to trigger a Cantankerous defense from an atheist, but what’s to say about the power of us; humans and that driving force behind faith and belief.

Not trying to misquote the Bible, but we are Gods made in his own image. But… A big BUT- same quality, different quantity.

To the large responsible part of the world, atheism is largely Illicit incarnations manufactured in the factory of one’s brain. This is because there are no tangible reasons to its belief structure.

For research purposes, as at 2012, 13% of the world’s population were atheist…but as the year goes by…it’s declining… 2 years ago with a confirmed 9%.

With this stats, I begin to wonder if the decline is profitable towards the right Spiritual cause.

This is only a brief summary of atheism as I strongly believe it’s an illusion, just like the boogey man etc.

I’m open to healthy discussion and arguments.

Please hit me!

Love and light.

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  • “With this stats, I begin to wonder if the decline is profitable towards the right Spiritual cause.”

    This is especial in understanding atheism. And it seems wider than just non belief in a God.


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