Artist: Natalia Baykalova

The voices in my head are major.

Loud, resounding… Major!

And yeah sometimes I ignore them, probably because I don’t trust myself.


This is going to be a short post because I’m experiencing a mental block, so I can’t really flow on anything but I must do this every Wednesday – The spirit of consistency.


“I should have listened to myself” is the most common statement ever made in life because we all have natural warning signals – those voices in our heads.


We should listen… We should listen because half of the time we are scared of the truth, scared of failure, scared of being lonely, scared of expression and most importantly, scared of revelations.


This is majorly because we choose to ignore the fact that balance comes from two sides of the coin.

White validates Black

Pain validates Joy and so on…


So, next time when you get a message from within, a warning sign, caution, mental resistance…make sure to follow through.


Be kind to yourself and accept whatever mistakes or twists that may affect your story plot.


You only have one life, make it worth the while.

Trust yourself. Be easy with the lessons that come.


Above all, Listen.


Love and light!

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