Searching for My Old Friend


Is happiness truly the ultimate?

Here I am, days and months after. Living vicariously through lessons from books, therapy and mantras but I’m wondering what’s so unsettling about awareness.

One would wonder how one sees the beauty in sadness. Pitch black darkness.

If I was to express lyrically, it would be a case of wanting “silent whispers over calm voices”.

I for one, have come to the conclusion that everyone on earth has voices in their heads. I say, ” voices” some say “conscience” “Holy Spirit

here I am, searching for my old friend, “darkness“. There’s no way fondness doesn’t come with attachment.

When sleeping was happy moments, routes to escape, when the heaviness of the heart was a daily accessory.

Or maybe, this is the shock that comes with recovery. The shock from doubting ourselves and “the self” surprising us.

I guess the light takes some time getting used to.
Bursting with energy, not delusional and very present.
I, on the other hand, gradually elevating my energy to match up.

Love & Light!

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