Indifference: When Rape Becomes A Mixed Feeling


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Sometimes when the voices become too loud, some seek comfort within closets, and in there, lies stories untold. Secrets, as we would generally term them.

The subject of rape has become alarmingly high, that one has to wonder if, there’s a curse, or the world’s end is so near.

However, on the table of the perpetrators and the victims, there are certainly oddities. Hence the topic, “mixed feelings”...

I’m submissive to the old but dominant to the young.

This may be likened to the story of Christian Grey, as his first experience was with an older woman. I have been opportune to meet “disturbed” souls, clearly unbalanced from early sexual exposure.
The quote above is an example of such, a real life pedophile, which emanated from him being sexually abused at the age of 4. Not just that, but has grown into the worship of the old and the victimization of the young.

I won’t lie, I was kinda turned on

One day, I’d talk about the mental effect of BDSM, but today, let’s focus on this.
Rape is power; not the Democratic one but the kind gotten without consent. The kind that is fueled by helplessness.
However, some people, like the quoted, enjoy being helpless.
Odd but true, some women wouldn’t capitulate till you fight and exhaust them, which in all honesty, is still consent, because that is what they want.

This is what they enjoy.

Now being hypothetical about it, a person new to this type of technique, gets exposed to it…say, for some time and then subconsciously retains this belief that, “No sometimes means Yes“, whereby the socially acceptable meaning of No is No.
So how do we then retract the mental steps of such person?

While writing this, a thought flashes about a scene from the movie “Red Sparrow“, where there was is an illustrative sexual practical on what a rapist wants. If you remember this scene clearly (that is if you have watched it), in most cases if not all, it is the thirst for power. *like I always say, I stand corrected*

So while we preach the Gospel of No, and fight against the vague and extraneous reasons for why rape happens and occurs.

What’s to say about those in the closet who glorify the act of rape?

On the porn sites, there are search filters for rape porn. On the literary porn sites, there are sections for rape and reluctance. Oh yes, let’s not forget the lovers of Hentai; which is majorly reluctance, bondage and “torture” rape.

And with all these fetishes, the world at large, is highly unguarded as we get mixed up with these lots. Hence the confusion, “When No is actually No”.

From my personal views, I believe all issues should be handled as natural and unsentimental as possible.

What am I saying? Torn down deep to the very roots to understand.

From the spiritual angle, I will say, blame it on the fruit of Eden, which I believe, our premature consumption is the cause of our earthly confusion.

We feel things that we can not explain, and then instead of understanding these things that we feel, we ignore them, and in that mode of ignorance, those feelings control us.

Well, without much left to say, as I feel like I have opened a mental banquet, what are your general thoughts on this?

Given that rape is what we see and more than we see, what approach can be taken to protect the unstable from the stable?

Upon exposure, how do we make sure that the sown traumas do not grow and harvest into, congenital characteristics?

And are we sure that the issue of rape and rapists, are not proof of an unmapped toxic loop of victim, trauma, rapist and repeat?

I would really love to hear your thoughts.

N.B: As sensitive as this topic may and truly is, I would love every and anyone who comes across this post to receive it with an open mind.
To be abused isn’t a thing of joy, neither is it a thing to be quiet about, but you see the thing about wounds, hurts and trauma is, if you never face them; doughty, hard-nosed and with love, they will always have power over you.

Receive strength!

Love and light!!

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