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600 years for whoever said “misery likes company”

Why? Because, that is one misunderstood expression which can be very insensitive in its use or interpretation.

Well, if the subject title caught your attention, I would like to plead that you share this with anyone & everyone, because in one way or the other, we are all going through a tough time.

“It’s ok to “feel” sad but not “be” sad.”

I do not know how long I’ll keep saying this but discrediting negative emotions will never be ok to me.

Today is the World Suicide Prevention Day and in honor of it, the drunken writer will be sharing her thoughts and experience on the subject matter.
If like me, you’re a survivor or, have someone who attempted suicide, or have lost someone through suicide, then you are quite familiar with the word “misery

Starting from the latter, experiencing loss from suicide can be quite destabilizing for the mental health of those affected. The likelihood of those affected having a mental health issue, is on a scale of 85-99.

For those who have or know a person who attempted the act, there’s that unsettling anxiety of if there were to be a repetition, uncertainty about how to act and talk around the person, most especially, the unconscious stigma to stay away from that person because of the burden of responsibility; being accountable for someone.

Finally, survivors like me, who still battle with ideations from time to time. Who would rather not speak so much about the darkness because we are done crying “victim“.

You are enough” can you hear me? Fuck that quote, if misery is what would bring about collective sanity, so be it.

I can’t speak specifically about the first two categories but for suicide survivors, once again “You are not alone“.
On the 4th of last month, I wrote a suicidal note, which I shared with a cousin of mine.
His reaction was expected. I mean, at the time I wrote it, it wasn’t a push to act but a musing; a dreadful journal of where my mind was at the time.

If like me, you feel in a bubble of what seems like a relapse, if at what seems ” your best moment” (fine pictures, social media updates) you’re struggling with work – sleeping too much, talking less, alcohol addiction etc

Listen to me “YOU’RE NOT ALONE”

The good people at The Yevva & Business Day, whom I am currently contributing creatively on their platforms, have been so supportive & that is what we all need. What any of us(in all categories) need.

Good support, understanding and most importantly, Love.

People who will hold you down when it seems like life has its hands on your throat.
People who empathize and understand that different strokes for different folks, so how you deal with your pain and trauma do really matter. “THEY GOT YOU”
Lastly, people who love you “genuinely” for who you are.

Remember, love isn’t just romantic and perfect love is in its full form, fully flawed.

– and for those who are new to the ideations, struggling with it, finding escapes routes to surpress these thoughts, lowkey battling panic attacks and indulging in the painful pleasure of self harm, I GET YOU. THERE’S A WHOLE COMMUNITY THAT GETS YOU and together, we can collectively or individually, make the most out of our existence.

I mean, we’re all going to die anyways, someday *shrugs* Let’s get creative with our struggles, traumas and experiences.

A beautiful example is Frida Kahlo. *winks*

Love & light.

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  • Thank you for this contribution to humanity. It will make real sense to many. Keep fit, stay safe and remain blessed.


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