What Happened 10 Years Ago?

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It’s one hour past midnight and I have the word “ululate” in my head.
I must blame it on my ex’s poem I read. I’m happy people still genuinely feel love for others.

About what happened 10 years from now is on the subject of love.

Personally, I’ve been told I love too much. I give too much time. I wonder why? I mean this is how I have adapted to love?

So, tonight, I decided to go down the memory lanes – Days of Jordin Sparks, Keyshia Cole, Shayne Ward and you know… So, as my playlist shuffles, my mind travels to the recent topics, takes and growing perceptions towards love, life, and relationships.

It’s almost like there was a lot more selflessness and tolerance because in much honesty, love takes.
It demands, it requires and it expects.

What was in the air then though? How come I haven’t unlearnt it?

Here’s my favorite poem from Frida Kahlo who on my opinion had an interesting relationship with her beau…


Nothing compares to your hands, nothing like the green-gold of your eyes.
My body is filled with you for days and days. you are the mirror of the night.
the violent flash of lightning.
the dampness of the earth.
The hollow of your armpits is my shelter.
my fingers touch your blood.
All my joy is to feel life spring from your flower-fountain that mine keeps to fill all the paths of my nerves which are yours.

Love and light people!

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