The Good Use Of Social Media

Asides from the ever rising cases of tension headache, due to excessive screen time. I feel the need to highlight the use of social media is paramount. Firstly, before I kick-start the subject, I must acknowledge and agree that, social media definitely contributes to the depression, anxiety and immerse esteem issues. This is as a result of comparison of one’s

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The Beauty Of Criticism: Haters Actually Rock!

Artist: Dennis Mcgill I like that I now look forward to sharing my thoughts with you every Wednesday, as my mentor will famously say “consistency is key”. Finding purpose has come to be one of the most interesting thing I’m experiencing as a human being; having to know my strengths, tackle my weaknesses and become naturally mindful of most things

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Depression, Parents and the 21st Century

In other news, parents can also be a source of depression. Do I sound like a rebel? Misfit Nah… Well your personal opinion. I’m super thankful to be back, and also thankful that mental health awareness is growing in Africa (Nigeria especially). With the most popular being Depression. To be honest, everyone is going through an issue- yours being slightly

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