Mind Edibles

What make up a human being are the mind, body and soul. Naturally, the human nature is insatiable, therefore the reason for hunger- in all ramifications.   Today I’m focusing on the mind, because it has what I call- the spinal power of the entirety of the human body.   According to the scriptures, without sounding religious, it’s important to

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Aristos, Runs and other shenanigans

It’s 10pm and my Uber is waiting outside to take me to The George to meet Emma. I’m confused between the silky black dress and the two piece I just got from Wanger Ayu. There is a receipt on my bed detailing how much I have spent just to “look good for Zaddy” but of course, by tomorrow morning I’d

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Feeding the right personality

Just as there are two sides of the coin, so do we have different sides to us. As an individual, we have varying personalities- in the sense that we constantly change, which is solely based on events that have happened to us and our surroundings. A classic illustration would be how you say, “You don’t want to see the other

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