Old Spice – New Spice

Artist: Dimitra Milan

I swear by the nothingness of space, that this is nothing but my undiluted thoughts towards the now trendy old/young love.

I feel the need to explain the idea behind The Drunken Writer; it’s a way, an avenue to share my thoughts, experiences and book/life lessons creatively – (while blowing off steam)

So back to the order of the day, what’s the craze about Old spices?
I don’t think it’s wise to hurriedly conclude “gold digging”, as I’m of the opinion (fully backed up with facts), that gold digging is no longer a gender sports. Topic for another day, I tell you…

So yeah!

Whether you are submissive, dominating or just “regular”, there is no limit to old spicing.
I had to hit the strong words up there, because it can get real interesting in “queerland”.
It’s no surprise also, at the quick growth and maturity of girls, which paves way for the theory that every girl (except from a nun) has dated an older person.

Why? Why?? Why???
I got my answers in this past few months that passed.

Females in general, at birth are equipped with rules; of what to do, how to do and when to do.
As we all know, as paradoxical life is, rules must be made, so they can be broken.
Humans in general are insatiable and inquisitive, so take the higher percentage of females that seek to find, despite “rules”

And that as much, is everyone’s need for money, power and glory.
The 21st century then steeps everything to a crazy, yet fitted jigsaw.
We are raised and told to act a certain way, but as media and the society don’t help, there are conflicting opinions about our own and the world’s expectations.

1. Money

Gold digging is still existent in my vocabularies, although it is now gender equated.
An average young man, is on the look for a woman that has value or can compliment his ordinary or extraordinary status.
(It’s no lie when women are advised to add value to themselves and be independent)
Which goes to say, the phase of women been independent, just to be generally accepted by the society and the opposite sex is over.
It’s just like the forbidden fruit, “if I have to make my money, add value to myself and still have to suck up to an average guy, why can’t I seek more value to be added to me?)
(Yup! It’s the season of “they really ain’t shit”)
The older guys just seem to be the best options, even though I’m yet to get in the feels behind ” wrinkles, baggy balls and fragility…

2. Power

Oooooou… The most addictive thing in the world.
Not many has tasted and will taste it.
Face it yeah, the old spices rule, and just as anyone would love to be surrounded by power, seated with power and be in power, that is the driving point.
Curate a list of old/young love, what do you get?
I thought so too.

(I guess this is a cue to walk in line with the “not too young to run”) Nigerians get in here…

3. Glory
I’m listening to Lana’s ” Money, Power and Glory”.
Actually funny that I had to quote her, being the most unapologetic person to date older men.
Following her lyrics and thought process, it seems the old/young mix, deepens and expands one’s perception of life, love etc…
The Glory is unmistakably…I mean, of all the older men getting cuffed, they are all unmistakably full of value. (Which is what nudges you to call the younger spouse; a person that goes digging for gold… Which doesn’t sound bad, looking at it that way ???)
Money brings about value, and value is a freeway to Power and Glory.

Note: Before you go away, this is not a supporting post to the Old/Young Mix.
In my opinion, I have no opinions.
Age is only a number when it comes to the affairs of the heart
Individual perspective and preferences are all imbibed in our differences, which is founded in our upbringing and it’s environment.

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